31st TBI Winterseminar in Bled

10th Annual Meeting of the Bompfünewerer Consortium

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Sunday, 14 Feb 2016 – Sunday, 21 Feb 2016


"Computational Biology, Computational Mathematics, Theoretical Biology, Bioinformatics, Biological Networks"

Registration Fee

270,- €

Available AV equipment

black board, overhead projector, beamer, laptop (linux) network, internet access via Wlan


Members of the

and guests (by invitation only).


Villa Plemelj
Prešernova 39
4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 5743 023
GPS Coordinates: 46.371121,14.108504

Hotel Astoria
Prešernova 44
4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 579 44 00
Fax:     +386 4 579 44 01

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How to get there

From Ljubljana airport you have the following options to get to the Winterseminar:
  • take a regular taxi (approx. 50 €)
  • public bus transfer, first to Ljubljana city and from there to Bled
  • Airport Shuttle ZUP prevozi (recommended, special rates for groups)
If you arrive via train at Lesce-Bled, you can take a taxi or go by bus to the main bus station (search for connections from Lesce to Bled)


Registration is closed

In case you have further questions, please send an email to the organizers: bled (at) viennarna (dot) at


Find the Program schedule here.

Further Information

Find detailed information here.

Registered Participants

Number Name Affiliation Talk Title Payment Status
1AndreaTanzerTBI Wienpaid
2PeterStadlerBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
3GeroDooseBioinformatik Uni LeipzigDetecting Alternative Splicing: Analysis within the ICGC MMML-Seq Projectpaid
4NancyRetzlaffBioinformatik Uni Leipzig.*linguistics.*paid
5AlexandrePaschoalUTFPRExploring the knowledge of the Non-coding RNA Databasespaid
6DanielGerighausenBSV Uni LeipzigRNApuzzler IIpaid
7SebastianWillBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
8ChristianAnthonRTH Copenhagenpaid
9AlexanderJungeRTH CopenhagenRNAscClust: clustering RNA sequences using structure conservation and graph based motifspaid
10MichaelWolfingerTBI Wienpaid
11ChristophFlammTBI Wienpaid
12AnneHoffmannBioinformatik Uni LeipzigOrthologs, turn-over, and remolding of tRNAs in primates and fruit fliespaid
13UffeThorsenSDU Odensepaid
14JanGorodkinRTH Copenhagenpaid
15StefanSeemannRTH Copenhagenpaid
16RebeccaKirschRTH CopenhagenCandidate Selection for Functional Studies of ncRNAs in Drosophila melanogasterpaid
17Jakob LykkeAndersenELSI Tokyo / SDU Odensepaid
18StefanHammerTBI WienRNA design challengespaid
19MariaWaldlTBI Wiensomething about RNA folding kineticspaid
20DominikOttoFraunhofer IZIpaid
21SarahBerkemerBioinformatik Uni LeipzigThe christmas tree dilemmapaid
22IvoHofackerTBI Wienpaid
23MarioKoestlTBI WienBachelor thesispaid
24afafSaaidiAMIB, Inria Francepaid
25HeleneKretzmerBioinformatik Uni LeipzigDNA methylationpaid
26StephanBernhartBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
27RituparnoSenBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
28WilfriedImrichUni LeobenCategorical product of infinite graphspaid
29FelixKuehnlBioinformatik Uni LeipzigRNA folding kinetics of riboswitchespaid
30FabianExternbrinkBioinformatik Uni LeipzigGolden Genomepaid
31XiaoyongPanRTH CopenhagenInferring disease-associated lncRNAs from expression datapaid
32TrudieStraussBioinformatik Uni LeipzigNot yet decided - linguisticspaid
33HermanStraussBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
34Jakob HullHavgaardRTH Copenhagenpaid
35DanielMerkleSDU OdenseAn Introduction to Counting paid
36MarkusFrickeFSU JenaRNA structure analysis and conserved long-range RNA-RNA interaction prediction of full viral RNA genomespaid
37MartinHölzerFSU JenaEvolutionary analyses of positively selected sites in the interferon-induced innate immunity factor Mx1 of bats paid
38KonstantinRiegeFSU Jenapaid
39BirgitTschiatschekTBI Wienpaid
40JérômeWaldispühlMcGill UniversityExploring RNA mutation landscapespaid
41LydiaMüllerBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
42AgneseBaldisserriDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Florence, Italypaid
43OanaPalascaRTH CopenhagenIntegration of tissue expression datasets in mammalian model organismspaid
44MarcHellmuthUniversity Greifswaldnot yet decided - Tree Representations of Relationspaid
45RojinKianianBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
46AnneWenzelRTH Copenhagenpaid
47FranziskaHufskyFSU Jenapaid
48Flavia Cristinade Paula FreitasRTH CopenhagenIdentifying molecular components of epithelial tumor progression in Drosophila as a mammalian disease modelcanceled
49MarcusLechnerUni MarburgAssessing the functional significance of sequence change using molecular dynamicspaid
50ClemensThölkenUni Marburg6S RNA - interaction and differential expression analysispaid
51DominikSteiningerTBI WienRNA RNA long range interactions in mammalian genomespaid
52JoergFallmannBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
53RomanOchsenreiterTBI WienPrediction of viral RNA structurespaid
54JensSteuckBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
55ChristianHoener zu SiederdissenBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
57FabrizioCostaUni FreiburgAnalytical Systems for Life Sciences at the time of Big Datapaid
58MiladMiladiUni FreiburgRNAscClust (Joint talk with A. Junge)paid
59TeresaMuellerUni FreiburgTBApaid
60MarkDoerrInst. f. Biochemistry, Uni GreifswaldHow machines learn protein engineeringpaid
61TorstenHouwaartUni Freiburgpaid
62DanielOserTBI WienKinfold 2.0 - Efficient Computation of RNA Folding Kineticspaid
63JosefLeydoldWU Wienpaid
64NicolasWiesekePaCoSy Leipzigpaid
65BertramVogelFSU JenaSomething on Transcriptomics in Cyanobacteriapaid
66MariamAlshaikhUni FreiburgA graph kernel approach for the identification and characterization of structured non-coding RNAs using multiple sequence alignment informationpaid
67AliAltinasRTH Copenhagenpaid
68RonnyLorenzTBI WienThe best RNA secondary structure prediction package everpaid
69GregorEntzianTBI WienApproximate RNA kineticspaid
70FerhatAlkanRTH CopenhagenGenetic Markers for Ulcerative Colitispaid
71PeterKerpedjievTBI WienJust what the doctors ordered: online cotranscriptional folding using Dr. Transformer and Dr. Fornapaid
72EmanuelBarthFSU Jenanot known yetpaid
73SvenFindeissTBI Wienpaid
74AileenKlopschTBI Wienpaid
75IvoGrosseMLU HalleEmbryonic and post-embryonic hourglass patterns of plant developmentpaid
76RolfBackofenUni Freiburgpaid
77IrmaLozada ChavezBioinformatik Uni Leipzigpaid
78RohitKoloraBioinformatik Uni LeipzigHybrid assembly of non-model lizardspaid
79NikolaiNørgaardSDU OdenseGeneric Approaches for Group Contribution Methodspending
80BernhardThielTBI WienRNAz screen in mouse, RNA 3D structure predictionpaid
81PhilippPetersUniversity of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), ViennaThe sugar beet genomepaid
82ManjushaChintalapatiUniversity of LeipzigBuilding a reference genome for Ancient humanpaid

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