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Doodle Polls

We set up two doodle polls, please sign up here:
Dinner Menue
Biomathematics afternoon in Ljubljana

Welcome and check in on Sunday, Feb. 14

The Villa opens at 17:00, we will have dinner there starting around 18:30 On Sunday we start with a welcome note at 20:30 at Hotel Astoria (Seminar room ground floor).

Check-out and closing of the villa

Please make sure to clear your room before check-out time (11am) and leave your key at the hotel reception.
People staying at the Villa, please return your key to one of the organizers.
The Villa closes on Sunday, Feb. 21 2016 at 12:00pm (noon).

Talk schedule

The final schedule is now online. To add it to your mobile device use the following link:
In case your travel arrangements changed slightly, please send an email to

subject: [new dates]

such that we can adjust the talk schedule accordingly. Thank you!

Bioinformatics afternoon in Ljubljana

Our friends at the University of Ljubljana invited us to visit them Wednesday afternoon for talks and discussions. Information was sent out in a separate email.
Don't forget to bring posters.

We will have a biomathematics/bioinformatics afternoon with our colleagues at the University of Ljubljana, on

Wednesday, February 17th, 14:30-18:30.

For that occasion, we rented a coach departing from Bled at 10:00, and returning to Bled at 21:00, for a fee of 7.00 Euros per person. However, with about 80 participants, we are more than the maximum capacity of the bus which is 50 people. That is why we kindly ask each of those who bring their own car to Bled, to consider going by car instead of taking the coach. Also, please take with you as many colleagues as possible. Alternatively, you can self-organize and take the public bus from Bled to Ljubljana and back.

The scientific program at the University of Ljubljana will take place from 14:30 to 18:30 with several talks and poster sessions.

Please feel free to bring posters of your latest research!

Afterwards, we will have dinner together at the restaurant Gostilna Cad
and travel back to Bled. The dinner is at your own expense.

Since we leave Bled already at 10:00 am, you have a couple of hours to explore the beautiful city of Ljubljana.

Please let us know whether you are attending to the biomathematics/bioinformatics afternoon, whether you are with us for dinner, and how you intend to get to Ljubljana by selecting the corresponding options in the following doodle poll

Biomathematics afternoon in Ljubljana

by Thursday, February 4th.
Thank you!


Please bring slippers for the Villa. It's raining/snowing in Slovenia and we want to avoid mud inside the house.

Dinner @ the Villa

Like every year, we will offer dinner at the Villa every evening between session 1 and session 2 (18:00-20:00). This is covered by the conference fee.
Working in kitchen teams turned out quite nicely, so we'll stick to this system. Every evening a different group of people will take care of shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning. The Leipzig team will start on Monday with a wonderful indian curry.
To get an estimate how many people will join us for dinner, please sign up on this doodle poll:
Dinner Menue

Monday: Indian Curry (team Leipzig)
Tuesday: Peter's Chilli (team Denmark)
Thursday: Spinache, fried Eggs + Sausages (meat option) (team Freiburg + Jena)
Friday: Wurstgulasch/Potatoegulasch (team Vienna)

In case you change your mind please edit your choice by 10:00 am of the respective day.
Alternatively, there are a couple of nice restaurants close to the Villa. You are free to explore them on your own expenses.


We don't provide lunch, but there are snacks in the kitchen of the Villa, just help yourself!
Hotel Astoria also offers a lunch buffet (around 12 euros p.P.), please find details at the front desk of Hotel Astoria.


We have a special deal for visiting the Sauna Park + whirl pools: 10 EUR/3h
Please make your bookings at the front desk of the wellness area (Hotel Astoria, first floor) and state that you are a Winterseminar guest.
In addition, the hotel offers a variety of treatments and massages you can book in advance or at the front desk. Check out the website of Hotel Astoria for more details.


The party night two years ago was a tremendous success and we will have another one for the upcoming seminar! Please bring your favourite party songs, we will rock the basement Friday night.