Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013
Andrea Tanzer TBI Vienna Welcome 30min
Andrew Torda Uni Hamburg Phylogeny construction, toilet bowls and Newtonian dynamics 45min
Monday, Feb. 11, 2013
1st session
Philipp Peters SDU Odense Reconstruction of Directed Hypergraphs 30min
Uffe Thorsen SDU Odense Restricted Atom-to-atom Mapping 30min
2nd session
Stefan Badelt TBI Vienna Design of self processing RNA 30min
Sonja Petkovic Universitaet Greifswald Design of self processing RNA (from the wet lab perspective) 30min
Dragos Sorescu Uni Freiburg Efficent de novo synthesis for small molecules 30min
Stefan Hammer TBI Vienna Design of RNA sequences with given conformations. 15min
Anne Wenzel RTH Copenhagen MetaRNAi 15min
Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013
1st session
Lorena Rivarola UFZ Leipzig The first look at a new genome 15min
Markus Fricke FSU Jena Something about assembly 15min
Anne Nitsche Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Splice Site Maps 15min
2nd session
Yu-Ting Hsiao TBI Vienna Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks from Prior Knowledge and Expressioin Data with S-system Model 15min
Sachin Pundhir RTH Copenhagen Differential processing: another layer of mechanism to fine tune the regulatory networks 15min
Fabian Amman TBI Vienna Transcription Start Site annotation with dRNA-seq 15min
Florian Eggenhofer TBI Vienna High throughput analysis of gene-regulatory networks 15min
Stefano Berto Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Evolution of a co-expression network involved in primate brain function and cognitive abilities 15min
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013
1st session, chair: Daniel Merkle
Jakob Lykke Andersen SDU Odense Analysis of Graph Grammars and Chemical Reaction Networks 30min
Marc Hellmuth Saarland University Approximative Cartesian Products 15min
Lydia Ostermeier Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig grid property and product-like structures in hypergraphs 15min
Philipp-Jens Ostermeier MPI MIS Leipzig Hypergraph Models of Biological Networks 15min
2nd session, chair: Kristin Reiche
Peter Kerpedjiev TBI Vienna Sequence Alignment and Position Specific Scoring Matrices 15min
Christian Otto Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig segemehl 30min
Stefanie Wehner FSU Jena Whole transcriptome RNA-Seq analysis of Listeria monocytogenes 15min
Helene Kretzmer Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Bisulfite Sequencing 30min
Ruby Moritz Pacosy Uni Leipzig Application of Suffixtrees 15min
Bob Zimmermann University of Vienna Algorithm for Genomic Aptamer Detection 15min
Thurday, Feb. 14, 2013
1st session, chair: Yann Ponty
Marcel Kucharik TBI Vienna Landscape abstraction in RNA folding kinetics 15min
Jing Qin MPI MIS Leipzig tLandscape abstraction in RNA folding kinetics (continued) 15min
Ronny Lorenz TBI Vienna Generalisation of Hard and Soft Constraints 30min
Stefan Seemann RTH Copenhagen Structure enrichment 15min
Corinna Theis RTH Copenhagen RNA 3D modules 15min
2nd session, chair: Anne Nitsche
Sita Lange Uni Freiburg Bioinformatic analyses of CRISPR RNA 30min
Simranjeet Kaur RTH Copenhagen Interspersed repeats in human UTRs 15min
Sabarinathan Radhakrishnan RTH Copenhagen RNAsnp 15min
Aashiq Hussain Mirza RTH Copenhagen Non-coding RNAs in Auto-immune and Inflammatory Diseases 15min
Konstantin Riege FSU Jena improved rna annotation pipeline 15min
Hoor Al-Hasani Fraunhofer IZI Leipzig Single nucleotide polymorphism and lncRNAs: A question of functionality 30min
Friday, Feb. 15, 2013
1st session, chair: Sebastian Will
Rolf Backofen Uni Freiburg Graph-Distance within RNA Secondary Structure Ensembles 30min
Patrick Wright Uni Freiburg Comparative genomics boosts target prediction for bacterial small RNAs 30min
Joerg Fallmann TBI Vienna Here we ARE again 15min
Xuanshi Liu Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig The role of POE in obesity using LRP 15min
Nikolai Hecker RTH Copenhagen Ranking of putative miRNA-mRNA interactions based on sample distribution using coarse classification 15min
2nd session, chair: Ronny Lorenz
Sebastian Will Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig SPARSE: Quadratic Time Simultaneous Alignment and Folding of RNAs 30min
Yann Ponty CNRS/Ecole Polytechnique Parameterized-complexity algorithms for the sequence/structure alignment problem 30min
Abdullah Sahyoun Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Sequence Weighting Schemes 15min
Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen TBI Vienna Advances in Grammar Fusion 30min
Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013
1st session
Nicolas Wieseke Pacosy Uni Leipzig A branch and bound approach for the co-phylogeny reconciliation problem 15min
Gero Doose IZBI/LIFE Leipzig Atypical RNAs in the Coalacanth Transcriptome 15min
Matjaz Kovse Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Lopsided systems 30min
Hui Xiao RTH Copenhagen Genome wide search of structured RNAs in Hg19 15min
Matthias Bernt Uni Leipzig (Parallel Computing & Complex Systems) Preserving Genome Rearrangement Algorithms 30min
Michael Wolfinger TBI Vienna RESTful RNA folding 15min