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TBI Working Papers are usually works in progress or papers submitted for publication in refereed scientific journals. They contain accounts of the scientific work of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the TBI.

©NOTICE: All papers are copyrighted by the authors; revised versions that appear in print are copyrighted by the publication in which each appears. If you would like to use all or a portion of any paper, please contact the author.

TBI 04-04-001 [Abstract] [Postscript] [PDF] [Supplement]
Consensus folding of aligned sequences as a new measure for the detection of functional RNAs by comparative genomics
Stefan Washietl, Ivo Hofacker
Appeared in J.Mol.Biol., 342, 19-39 (2004)
TBI 04-02-003 [Abstract]
Determination of Thermodynamic Parameters for HIV-1 DIS Type Loop-Loop Kissing Complexes
Albert Weixlbaumer, Andreas Werner, Christoph Flamm, Eric Westhof, Renée Schroeder
Appeared in Nucl. Acids Res., 32, 5126-5133 (2004)
TBI 04-02-002 [Abstract] [PDF]
Structural parameters affecting the kinetic competition of RNA hairpin formation
Jord H.A. Nagel, Christoph Flamm, Ivo L. Hofacker, K. Franke, M.H. de Smit, Peter K. Schuster, Cees W.A. Pleij
submitted (2004) to Nature Struct. Biol.
TBI 04-02-001 [Abstract] [Postscript] [PDF]
Graph Grammars as Models for the Evolution of Developmental Pathways
Martin Beck, Gil Benkö, Gunther J. Eble, Christoph Flamm, Stefan Müller, Peter F. Stadler
submitted (2004) to GWAL 2004
TBI 04-01-002 [Abstract] [Postscript] [PDF]
Multi-Phase Artificial Chemistry
Gil Benkö, Christoph Flamm, Peter F. Stadler
submitted (2004) to GWAL 2004
TBI 04-01-001 [Abstract] [Postscript] [PDF]
Prediction of Consensus RNA Secondary Structures Including Pseudoknots
Christina Witwer, Ivo L. Hofacker, Peter F. Stadler
Appeared in IEEE/ACM Trans. Comp. Biol. Bioinf., 1, 66-77 (2004)

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