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TBI Working Papers are usually works in progress or papers submitted for publication in refereed scientific journals. They contain accounts of the scientific work of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the TBI.

© NOTICE: All papers are copyrighted by the authors; revised versions that appear in print are copyrighted by the publication in which each appears. If you would like to use all or a portion of any paper, please contact the author.

91-00-004 [Abstract] [PostScript (No Figures)]
Full Characterization of a Strange Attractor. Chaotic Dynamics in Low Dimensional Replicator Systems.
Wolfgang Schnabl, Peter F Stadler, Christian V Forst, Peter Schuster
Physica D 48: 65-90 (1991).

91-00-003 [abstract] [Postscript (no figures)]
Statistics of Landscapes Based on Free Energies, Replication and Degradation Rate Constants of RNA Secondary Structures.
Walter Fontana, Thomas Griesmacher, Wolfgang Schnabl, Peter F Stadler, Peter Schuster
Monatsh.Chem. 122: 795-819 (1991).

91-00-002 [abstract] [Postscript (no figures)]
Dynamics of Small Autocatalytic Reaction Network IV: Inhomogeneous Replicator Equations
Peter F. Stadler
BioSystems 26: 1-19 (1991).
91-00-001 [abstract] [Postscript (no figures)]
Complementary Replication
Peter F. Stadler
Math.Biosc. 107: 83-109 (1991).
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