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TBI Working Papers are usually works in progress or papers submitted for publication in refereed scientific journals. They contain accounts of the scientific work of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the TBI.

© NOTICE: All papers are copyrighted by the authors; revised versions that appear in print are copyrighted by the publication in which each appears. If you would like to use all or a portion of any paper, please contact the author.

96-pks-001 [Abstract] [Postscript] [PDF]
How does complexity arise in evolution?
Peter Schuster
Complexity, 2:22-30 (1996)

96-12-102 [abstract] [Postscript]
Dynamic Programming Algorithm for the Density of States of RNA Secondary Structures.
Jan Cupal, Ivo L. Hofacker, and Peter F. Stadler
In: Computer Science and Biology 96 (Prooceedings of the German Conference on Bioinformatics), Hofstädt, T. Lengauer, M. Löffler, D. Schomburg (eds.) Univ. Leipzig 1996, pp. 184-186

96-12-101 [abstract] [Postscript]
Exploration of Artificial Landscapes based on Random Graphs
Stefan Kopp, Christian Reidys, and Peter Schuster
In: F. Schweitzer (ed.): Self-Organization of Complex Structures: From Individual to Collective Dynamics, vol.I, chap. 15. London: Gordon and Breach, 1997, pp.179-187.

96-12-100 [abstract] [Postscript]
Evolutionary Optimization of Biopolymers and Sequence Structure Maps
Christian Reidys, Stefan Kopp and Peter Schuster
In: C.G. Langton, T. Shimohara (eds.) Complex Adaptive Systems (Proceedings of ALIFE V) Cambridge MA, 1997, pp.***.

96-12-01 [abstract] [Postscript]
Secondary Structure of the 3'-Non-Coding Region of Flavivirus Genomes
Comparative Analysis of Base Pairing Probabilities
S. Rauscher, C. Flamm, C.W. Mandl, F.X. Heinz, P.F. Stadler
RNA 3: 779-791 (1997)

96-11-099 [abstract] [Postscript]
Neutral Networks in Protein Space
A Computational Study Based on Knowledge-Based Potentials of Mean Force
A. Babajide, I.L. Hofacker, M.J. Sippl and P.F. Stadler
Folding & Design 2:261-269 (1997)

96-07-01 [abstract] [Postscript]
The Algebraic Theory of Recombination Spaces
P.F. Stadler and G.P. Wagner
Evol.Comp. 5: 241-275 (1998)

96-06-01 [abstract] [Postscript-not available]
Structural investigations on small RNA molecules using different force field methods.
H. Kratky
Pharm.Acta Helv. 71:57-63 (1996).

96-05-03 [abstract] [postscript]
Autocatalytic Networks with Intermediates I: Irreversible Reactions
Robert Hecht, Robert Happel, Peter Schuster, and Peter F. Stadler
Math.Biosc. 140: 33-74 (1997)

96-05-02 (No abstract available) [postscript]
How Does Complexity Arise in Evolution?
Peter Schuster
96-05-01 [abstract] [postscript]
The Barrier of Objects: From Dynamical Systems to Bounded Organizations
Walter Fontana and Leo W. Buss
The tutorial appendices [132K] on Lambda-calculus (Appendix A), type theory (Appendix B) and proof-theory (Appendix C) can be obtained with the main text as IIASA WP-96-27 or as paper 41 from the Yale Center for Computational Ecology.
A digest of the above has appeared as: On organization [65K], in "The future of science has begun: Approaches to Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence", Fondazione Carlo Erba, volume 4, pp. 23-40, 1996.

96-04-04 [postscript 143K]]
Molekulare Semantik - Evolution zwischen Variation und Konstruktion,
Walter Fontana
In: Evolution: Entwicklung und Organisation in der Natur, V. Braitenberg and I. Hosp (eds.), rororo - science 1 9706 5, 69-106 (1994)
reprinted in: "Orígenes de la vida. En el centenario de Aleksandr Ivanovich Oparin.", F. Morán, J. Peretó, and Á. Moreno (eds.), pp. 269-302, Editorial Complutense, 1995

96-01-03 [abstract] [Postscript]
Algorithm Independent Properties of RNA Secondary Structure Predictions
Manfred Tacker, Peter F. Stadler, Erich G. Bornberg-Bauer, Ivo L. Hofacker, Peter Schuster
Eur.Biophy.J. 25: 115-130 (1996)

96-01-02 [abstract] [Postscript]
Local Minima in the Graph Bipartitioning Problem
Bärbel Krakhofer and Peter F. Stadler
Europhys.Lett. 34: 85-90 (1996)

96-01-01 [abstract] [Postscript]
Local Minima of p-Spin Models
Peter F. Stadler and Bärbel Krakhofer
Rev.Mex.Fis. 42: 355-363 (1996)

96-IMB2 [abstract] [Postscript]
Chaotic Interactions of Self-Replicating RNA
Christian V. Forst
Computers & Chem. 20: 69-83 (1996)

96-IMB1 [abstract] [Postscript]
On Evolutionary Dynamics.
Christian V. Forst and Christian Reidys
In: C.G. Langton (ed.) Complex Adaptive Systems (Proceedings of ALIFE V) Cambridge MA, 1997, pp. 453-461.

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