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Andrea Tanzer

it's me

I am PostDoc at the University of Vienna in Ivo Hofacker's group (TBI) at the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry


The main focus of my research are RNA molecules. I study their genetic blueprint, evolution and transcription as well as structural features and folding kinetics.
Project "RNALands" (PI)


I am teaching Bioinformatics 101, advanced RNA Bioinformatics courses and two sections of the lecture series Computational Concepts in Biology.
(full list of courses)

Activities at the University

Since 2014 I am a representative at the Faculty of Chemistry in the Faculty's Conference (Fakultätskonferenz), for the term starting October 2018 I was elected speaker for the scientific personel. In Mai 2018 I started a career network for female chemists "WoChem - Women in Chemistry".


Current Members

Veerendra Gadekar (PostDoc)
Maria Waldl (PhD Student)
Gregor Entzian (PhD Student)
Bernhard Thiel (co-supervised PhD student)
Gregor Entzian (PhD Student)
Marie-Theres Bräuer (Student Project)

Former Members

Ronny Lorenz (PostDoc)
Marlene Knapp (BSc Student)
Mario Köstl (BSc Student)
Manuela Geiß (BSc Student)
Sophie Weber; (BSc Student)
Jörg Fallmann (co-supervised PhD student)
Verena Birklbauer (BSc Student)