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Andrea Tanzer

it's me

I am PostDoc at the University of Vienna in Ivo Hofacker's group (TBI) at the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry


The main focus of my research are RNA molecules. I study their genetic blueprint, evolution and transcription as well as structural features and folding kinetics.
Project "RNALands" (PI)


I am teaching Bioinformatics 101, advanced RNA Bioinformatics courses and two sections of the lecture series Computational Concepts in Biology.
(full list of courses)

Activities at the University

Since 2014 I am a representative at the Faculty of Chemistry in the Faculty's Conference (Fakultätskonferenz), for the term starting October 2018 I was elected speaker for the scientific personel. In Mai 2018 I started a career network for female chemists "WoChem - Women in Chemistry".


Current Members

Maria Waldl (PhD Student)
Gregor Entzian (PhD Student)

Former Members

Ronny Lorenz (PostDoc)
Marlene Knapp (BSc Student)
Mario Köstl (BSc Student)
Manuela Geiß (BSc Student)
Sophie Weber; (BSc Student)
Jörg Fallmann (co-supervised PhD student)
Verena Birklbauer (BSc Student)
Marie-Theres Bräuer (Student Project)
Bernhard Thiel (co-supervised PhD student)
Veerendra Gadekar (PostDoc)