Rainer Machné

My scientific focus is on the role of DNA structure in growth and evolution
using mainly budding yeast and cyanobacteria as model organisms.

While the published works may seem thematically random, they all circle around a main topic of
the intrinsic feedbacks of cellular growth (anabolism vs. catabolism; growth vs. stress) and
converge on the current working hypothesis of ancient and ubiquitous mechanisms of growth regulation
via a direct feedback between metabolism and chromatin structure and its
consequences for the mutational landscape of genomes.

cluster vs. rates

Selected publications

A chromatin reset-point in yeast growth: Microbial Cell 2014
The structural code of cyanobacterial genomes: Nucl Acids Res 2014
Group I self-splicing introns, in mitochondria: eLS 2013
A feedback between chromatin and metabolism in yeast growth regulation: PLoS ONE 2012 and it's data page
Highly efficient Oxygen transfer dynamics in yeast bioreactors:
Biotechnol Bioeng 2012
Carbonate chemistry in ionic solutions and photobioreactors: HARVEST/Drasov 2011
Evolution of yeast chromatin structure: Trends Genetics 2008

See pubmed and research gate for more complete lists of publications.
See here for selected presentations.

... previously:

The SBML ODE Solver Library: Bioinformatics 2006, WCSB 2008 (inverse analysis)
Conceptual and mathematical models of the MAP kinase pathway: diploma thesis 2005 and SBML models
A biological knowledge-base (defunct)
SBML/CellDesigner models of signaling and metabolic networks.
Conceptual models of the canonical Wnt pathway

Chelifer cancroides


email: raim ... tbi.univie.ac.at

Institute of Synthetic Microbiology
Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf
Building: 26.12, Room: O1.78
Universitätsstr. 1, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany

Theoretical Biochemistry Group
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry
University of Vienna
Währingerstrasse 17, 1090 Vienna, Austria

linker protection along yeast genes

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