This is an early prototype entry of a Functional and Structural Signaling Database, created at Hunter College in summer 2000 (see Credits in the popup window). It contains animated presentations of the Wnt pathway and the molecular structure of Beta-Catenin. For viewing these movies your browser needs the FlashPlayer or Shockwave Player and the Chime plugin, respectively. Follow the links to download the plugins.


This table shows published models of pathways, in this prototype this would be an interactive Flash animation. The right column is thought to show ratings, reviews and comments to that model by authorized users of the database.
PROCESS Author Titel Peer Review: Ratings and Comments
The Wnt Pathway Machne R. Model 1.1 (Okt. 2000) A new protein - Dishevelled associated kinase - has been added. DAK enhances the function of Dsh in the pathway.
References Machne R. Model 1.0 (Sept. 2000)


This table shows all proteins and biological compounds in above models of the Wnt pathway. The hyperlinks lead to additional intern data and/or to existing databases. Most of the links below should also be available in the Flash animation of the process. A Meta-Search-Engine should scan existing databases and load information about the compounds in this process.
The protein Beta-Catenin is linked to a Chime presentation of available molecular structure files (PDB) of that protein.
PROTEINS genes primary structure domain structure 3D structure References
APC   Swiss- PROT/TrEMBL apc.jpg    
Axin   Swiss-PROT/TrEMBL axin.htm    
Beta-Catenin Genome DataBase GDB available   central portion, "Armadillo repeat" (2/3bct.pdb) (Sept.00)  
CK I epsilon          
Dsh-assiated-kinase DAK          
Dishevelled   dvl.htm dvl.jpg    
Frizzled (Wnt - Receptor)     fz.jpg    
Protein Phosphatase 2A          
Protein Phosphatase 2C