Application Programming Interface (API)

The library source code (in folder `src') is extensively documented, and so are several example programs (in folder `examples') and the main command-line application (in folder `odeSolver'). Please see comments in the example programs to learn about usage of the API. The automatically generated doxygen API documentation gives a full reference for all functions. All functions with the prefix `SBML_ODE_SOLVER_API' are thought official API functions. The Figure 1 below is clickable and brings you directly to a relevant selection of subtress of the API documentation. Please note the node X for XMGrace visualization is only availabe for the command-line application and not part of the API.

ODE construction ODE integration result visualization reaction network ODE construction external data set ODE system Jacobian matrix

Figure 1: Basic architecture and data flow of the SBML ODE Solver.
Click on nodes to access API documentation subtrees.

The example programs distributed with the source code use various combinations of above functionalities. We hope to find time to provide detailed descriptions of all example programs in the future.


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