Current Version

We recommed that you use the development version at github. It has lots of improvements over the last official release (1.6.0, 2005). It works with libSBML versions 3.4.1 - 5.x.x. A branch using the latest Sundials exists..

Support via the sourceforge mailing list is still available, but you can also contact us in private ... always happy to help.

Old Releases

Version Date Comments
1.6.0 2005 Sourceforge release from 2005
1.6pre Sep. 2005 Development snapshot of the Tokyo Release Series, that started after the Third SBML Hackathon in Tokyo, May 2005
1.5pre Feb. 2005 Pre-release (never followed by an official release, see above), preparing for the new interface for use as a library, as discussed in preparation for the SBML Hackathon in Tokyo, May 2005
1.5pre Win Feb. 2005 Big THANKS to Akira Funahashi, who has precompiled the odeSolver on Windows, under a MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) environment. The ZIP file contains all files from the source distribution, plus all object files and executables (.exe). Please read Akira's detailed instructions, how to install odeSolver on Windows yourself.
1.0 Nov. 2004 Use "./configure --with-libcvode=PATH", instead of "... --with-cvode=PATH" as indicated in the INSTALL file. Thanks to Colin Gillespie for reporting.

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