Feb. 2012: please use the github version!

Dear SOSlib users,

please note that we currently do not have much time to actively work on SOSlib. However, the library works fine and fast, and we have many happy users as it is!

We recommed that you use the development version at github. It has lots of improvements over the last official release (1.6.0, 2005). It works with libSBML versions 3.4.1 - 5.x.x. A branch using the latest Sundials exists..

Support via the sourceforge mailing list is still available, but you can also contact us in private ... always happy to help.

Rainer Machné

SOSlib 1.6.0 :: The Tokyo Release Series

(December 17, 2005, Vienna/Oxford/Leipzig/Linz)
The SBML ODE Solver has become a library: we proudly present SOSlib 1.6.0 :: The Tokyo Release

SOSlib is both a programming library (API) and a set of command-line applications for symbolic and numerical analysis of a system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), derived from a (bio)chemical reaction network encoded in SBML. This release newly features basic sensitivity analysis routines!

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