Versions 1.6.x (The Tokyo Release Series)

SOSlibV160 and

Figure 1: Current state of the SOSlib. Shown in grey are features currently under development and available with one of the next minor releases, i.e. selection of parameters for sensitivity analysis.

The next minor release will allow to select parameters for sensitivity analysis and some improvements of efficiency. Generally, we plan to gradually provide interfaces to a growing number of CVODES' functionalities and algorithms and to enhance default usage thereof. Please see the file OUTLOOK in the source distribution or our SOSlib performance optimizations table for details.

Feel free to suggest priorities using one of the links at the `support' or or `help us!' pages. Contributors are welcome!

Version 1.7 (The Linz Release Series)

SOSlib v1.7

Figure 2: Roadmap for the SBML ODE Solver Library 1.7.x

For the next major release, we plan to incorporate CVODES' modules for calculating adjoint sensitivities, and SUNDIALS IDA solver for differential algebraic equation (DAE) systems to handle SBML models with arbitraty algebraic rules. We also plan to include an exact detection of SBML events, as well as providing a function that can interpolate values from external time series data.

Long Term Goals and Applications

SOSlib Long

Figure 3: Roadmap for the SBML ODE Solver Library 1.8, or independent applications of SOSlib.

Having interfaced the powerful functionalities of the SUNDIALS package will enable us (and the Systems Biology community) to extend this work to higher-level methods of the theory of complex dynamic systems. Figure 3 shows some example applications which we have in mind, i.e. parameter optimization/identification using `inverse methods', `stability and bifurcation analysis' or `hybrid solvers' for mixing deterministic with discrete methods, e.g. for coupling a stochastic with an ODE solver.


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