Rainer Machné's talks

(some of which have actually been given)

SBML ODE Solver Library

2nd BioModels Training Camp, Manchester 2007
11th SBML Forum Meeting, Tokyo 2006

Respiratory Oscillations in budding yeast

Tsuruoka, July 2009
Vienna/Lienz, Nov 2009/Jan 2010
Bled, Feb 2010
Vienna, May 2010
Berlin, 2011
Berlin, 2013

Circadian Oscillations in cyanobacteria

Venice, Sep 2010
Doubice, 2012

Chromosome Structure

Systems Biology Lectures: Epigenetics; Berlin 2012 12 05

Group I Intron conspiracy

The Conspiracy (another adventure in conceptual biology), Vienna July 2006
The Conspiracy Part II, Vienna July 2006
T4-like phages, group I introns and the oxygen world, Nove Hrady August 2006
Group I introns and redox clocks, Tokyo October 2006
Vienna, 2007

Models and their Data

Carbonate chemistry in ionic solutions and photobioreactors: HARVEST/Drasov 2011
MAPK and Calcium in TCR signaling, T4 phage, Vienna May 2006
T4 bacteriophage models, Vienna June 2006
Glycolysis in yeast and erythrocytes, Keutschach Aug. 2006

GATA network reconstruction

Evolution of the Bifurcation Phenotype, Bled Feb. 2007
Intro for James Lu on Inverse Dynamical Analysis, Berlin March 2007

The Jing Mai System in Vertebrate Development and Evolution

Jing Mai, hyaluronan and electrotaxis, Bled Feb. 2004