Bioinformatik II (Phylogenien) VO 2std.

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Inst. f. Theoret. Chemie und Strahlenchemie, Währingerstr. 17, Seminarraum 3.Stock.

Die Vorlesung hat 2002 als Block stattgefunden:

Inhalt: Moderne Methoden der Rekonstruktion von Phylogenien.

Voraussetzungen: Bioinformatik I wünschenswert.

Some links:
  • Mathematical Methods for Robotics and Vision Carlo Tomasi's Class CS 205 "Mathematical Methods for Robotics and Vision" at Stanford University gives a good introduction to Linear Algebra, in particular the Singular Value Decomposition.
  • Daniel Huson's home page, author of splitstree.
    download the software from his ftp server.
  • Kay Nieselt-Struwe's home page, author of statgeom.
    download the software from her server.
  • Joe Felsenstein's List of Bioinformatik Software Links
  • Very readable stuff an the cladistics approach to taxonomies can be found at the Taxonomy site in Glasgow
  • Mike Charleston's home page has a lot of interesting stuff, in particular his preprint on the ``co-phylogeny'' problem

  • More useful links can be found on the Grundlagen der Bioinformatik page.
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