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Systems Chemistry Winter School 2016

4 – 8 November 2016 in Vienna, Austria

The COST action CM1304 — Emergence and Evolution of Complex Chemical Systems — invites for their international winter school on computational systems chemistry taking place in Vienna, Austria, from 4 – 8 November 2016 under the auspice of University of Vienna, the COST action CM1304, and the new KLI.


The Systems Chemistry School offers an intensive 5 days introduction to modern computational systems chemistry for experimentally working scientists from all levels. It will provide theoretical background and hands-on experience that will help to setup a theoretical and computational foundation for experimental work in the area of systems chemistry.

Targeted Audience

Experimentally working scientists from all levels (Phd students, postdoctoral and senior researchers, etc.).
If you are from a formal background and would like to study the exciting methods listed below in more detail, you are welcome as well.


The program consists of seven courses, each providing the theoretical background and two sets of practical exercises using selected tools. The teaching will consist of a mix of lectures and hands on exercises with a strong focus on educating the participants on how to apply the learned modelling approaches and software tools to concrete example problems. A wide range of modeling techniques ranging from discrete to continuous and from deterministic to stochastic approaches will be covered by the summer school program.

The planned topics are (subject to change):

Optional topic: Self-assembly and rule-based modeling (kapa, BioNetGen, SR-Sim): Students learn how to setup and simulate a rule-based model and how to simulate self-assembly processes with it in 3D space.

Faculty (8)



  Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Währinger Straße 17, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Location map

Fees and funding

Participation is free of charge. However, you have to apply to get admission (see below).

Fellowships are available for participants from COST countries, approved NNC Institutions, and from approved European RTD Organisations. The that cover the hotel (in double rooms, double occupancy, which we book for you) and also travel support up to approx. 340,- EUR (exceptions can be made on request and availability). For single room occupation an extra cost applies (approx. 30 - 40 EUR / night).

Trainees not eligible to be reimbursed:

  1. Trainees from approved IPC institutions
  2. Trainees from approved IO, the EC and EU Agencies
  3. Any other Trainees not specifically mentioned as being eligible

We welcome participants from all levels, e.g., Phd students, postdocs and experienced scientists.

List of Participants (16)

Name Country Email
Chotera, Agata ISR agatachotera at gmail dot com
Gregorić, Tomislav HRV tgregoric8 at gmail dot com
Hubai, Gabor Andras HUN hubaiandras at gmail dot com
Jovanovic, Jelena SRB jelenaj at ffh dot bg dot ac dot rs
Kianian Rojin DNK rojin at imada dot sdu dot dk
Knoops, Jérémie BEL jeremie.knoops at umons dot ac dot be
Maćešić, Stevan SRB stevan dot macesic at ffh dot bg dot ac dot rs
Marković, Vladimir SRB wladimirmarkowic at gmail dot com
Milenkovic, Dejan SRB deki82 at kg dot ac dot rs
Neu, Christoph GER christoph dot neu at uni dash jena dor de
Nøjgaard, Nikolai DNK nnoej10 at student dot sdu dot dk
Ruloffs, Verena GER verena at bioinf dot uni dash leipzig dot de
Shirt-Ediss, Ben GBR ben at shirt dash ediss dot me
Szabo, Erik SVK erik dot szabo at fns dot uniba dot sk
Teunissen, Bram NLD a dot j dot p dot teunissen at tue dot nl
Thorsen, Uffe DNK uthorsen at imada dot sdu dot dk

General Notes

Applicants are welcome from all countries. Enrollment is limited. Language is English. Laptops and Posters Participants should bring their laptops for the practical exercises. Participants are welcome to bring posters.



There are several affordable Hotels around the venue.


If you have any questions concerning the local organization, please contact the local organizer
Christoph Flamm <christoph.flamm@univie.ac.at>
If you have questions concerning the COST action funding, please contact the COST action coordinator.
Professor Sijbren Otto <s.otto@rug.nl>


The summer school is financially supported by the EU COST action CM1304 - Emergence and Evolution of Complex Chemical Systems http://www.systemschemistry.com/cm1304/

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