Helix List Representation of Secondary Structures

typedef struct vrna_hx_s vrna_hx_t
#include <ViennaRNA/utils/structures.h>

Convenience typedef for data structure vrna_hx_s.

vrna_hx_t *vrna_hx_from_ptable(short *pt)
#include <ViennaRNA/utils/structures.h>

Convert a pair table representation of a secondary structure into a helix list.

  • pt – The secondary structure in pair table representation


The secondary structure represented as a helix list

vrna_hx_t *vrna_hx_merge(const vrna_hx_t *list, int maxdist)
#include <ViennaRNA/utils/structures.h>

Create a merged helix list from another helix list.

struct vrna_hx_s
#include <ViennaRNA/utils/structures.h>

Data structure representing an entry of a helix list.

Public Members

unsigned int start
unsigned int end
unsigned int length
unsigned int up5
unsigned int up3