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Further Information

Doodle Polls

Please sign up at the below polls such that we can estimate the number of participants:

  • Dinner Menue - Choose whether you want to join for dinner at the villa and decide on a dish thats being prepared

Welcome and check in on Sunday, Feb. 11

The Villa opens at 17:00, we will have dinner there starting around 20:00

Check-out and closing of the villa

Please make sure to clear your room before check-out time (11am) and leave your key at the hotel reception.
People staying at the Villa, please return your key to one of the organizers.
The Villa closes on Friday, Feb. 16 2024 at about 1pm (noon).

Talk schedule

The (preliminary) schedule is alreday online. To add it to your mobile device use the following link:

In case your travel arrangements changed slightly, please send an email to
subject: [new dates]

such that we can adjust the talk schedule accordingly. Thank you!


Please bring slippers for the Villa. It's raining/snowing in Slovenia and we want to avoid mud inside the house.


We don't provide lunch, but there are snacks in the kitchen of the Villa, just help yourself!
Hotel Astoria also offers a lunch buffet, please find details at the front desk of Hotel Astoria.

Dinner @ the Villa

Like every year, we will offer dinner at the Villa every evening between session 1 and session 2 (18:00-20:00). This is covered by the conference fee.
Working in kitchen teams turned out quite nicely, so we'll stick to this system. Every evening a different group of people will take care of shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning.

In case you change your mind please edit your choice by 10:00 am of the respective day.
Alternatively, there are a couple of nice restaurants close to the Villa. You are free to explore them on your own expenses.

Eating Speck

Before you cut-off extra large pieces of the wonderful Speck we brought from Austria, please have a look at the folliwing tutorial: MTW teaching how to cut Speck. Everybody who is caught not complying to the guidelines will be sentenced to severe measures :)