Theoretical Biochemistry Group

Institute for Theoretical Chemistry

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Reach out to us

Here you can find the location and contact details of our institution in general. If you need detailed contact information of one of our group members please take a look a the Team site.

Postal Address

Institute for Theoretical Chemistry
University of Vienna
Währinger Straße 17, 3rd floor
1090 Wien

Administrative Assistant

Judith Ivansits

Währinger Straße 17, 3rd floor, room 311
1090 Wien

phone +43 1 4277 52742
fax +43 1 4277 52793

Social Media

We do try to get our feet wet in the deep waters of social media. For now we stick to micro blogging on Twitter. You can view our feed or follow @thebiochem.

About our institution

Aside from massive brain power our institution offers a diverse setup of computational resources. Some clustered others spread across 14 rooms and 28 desks. Our cluster is currently a heterogeneous system consisting of different type of machines, tailored to specific tasks. Core and RAM counts per machine range from 8 to 64 cores and 32 to 1024MB RAM. Since single machines are upgraded as fast as necessary let us say we have about 580 cores and 3.6GB RAM all in all including our workstations and ever growing.

The development of cutting edge software makes it necessary to have the most recent software at your finger tips. So save the server infrastructure we use Fedora on our cluster and workstations.