List of Talks Bled 2003

Person Title Slides Size
Attolini, Camille Mathematical model of replication and mutation    
Benkoe, Gil Generic Chemical Reaction Network Properties [PDF] 433K
Berger, Franziska Packing and Coloring [PDF] 803K
Biyikoglu, Tuerker Ranking of Cographs    
Eble, Gunther Macroevolution of Organismal Integration and Modularity [PDF] 9.3M
Erb, Ionas Linear replicator equations and hypercycles    
Fried, Claudia Insights into genome duplications and genome organization of Hox clusters [PDF] 226K
Graovac, Ante Distance Power 3-Dimensional Layouts of a Graph    
Hofacker, Ivo Genome-wide Surveys of RNA Secondary Structures [PDF] 347k
Imrich, Wilfried Minimal Cycle Basis of direct Product Graphs    
Klavzar, Sandi Fibonacci cubes: interconnection network represented as the resonance graph of chemical graphs    
Leydold, Josef A Faber-Krahn type inequality for regular trees [PDF] 293K
Mueckstein, Ulli Stochastic Pairwise Alignments [PDF] 115K
Obernosterer, Gregor microRNAs    
Prohaska, Sonja Picking up the Trail of Phylogenetic Footprints in the Hox Gene Clusters [PDF] 82K
Stadler, Peter Topology in Molecular Evolution [PDF] 1.2M
Transfac Patterns - Can we do better? [PDF] 45K
(language for talks is english)

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