Preliminary List of Talks TBI Winterseminar 2004 in Bled

(Talks are restricted to 30-45 minutes. The language of talks is english)

Person Title Slides Size
Müller, Bettina preliminary titel: snoRNAs    
Prohaska, Sonja Repetitive elements everywhere? [PDF] 819K
Flamm, Christoph GRNs an Overview [PDF] 322K
Müller, Stefan A GRN-Model that rocks! [PDF] 323K
Hofacker, Ivo ncRNA Detection and Consensus Structure Prediction -- An Overview    
Widder, Stefanie Three Cheers for the Parasites! [PDF] 680K
Washietl, Stefan Towards a general approach for the detection of non-coding RNAs by comparative genomics [PDF] 361K
Stadler, Peter Aligning Circularly Ordered Lists - Who Would Want To Do That? [PDF] 72K
Hetzl, Jennifer The Α and Ω of Neighbor Joining [PDF] 259K
Mückstein, Ulli Bioinformatics tools for RNAi [PDF] 1.1M
Tanzer, Andrea Tales from the microRNA World [PDF] 340K
Leydold, Josef The Klobüršteltheorem [PDF] 123K
Svrcek-Seiler, Andreas 0.02 € on Embedding [PDF] 121K
Benkö, Gil Things I have to say about Titan [PDF] 316K
Machné, Rainer The Jing-Mai System in Vertebrate Development and Evolution [PDF] 2.2M
Bernhart, Stephan Hitchhikers guide to the interfering RNA galaxy [PDF] 1.6M
Klavzar, Sandi Fibonacci cubes and fibonacenes -- --
Obernosterer, Gregor A review of computational methods for pre-miRNA predictions [PDF] 450K
Kruspe, Matthias Evolution of artificial regulatory networks for the control of cell motion and cell-cell interaction [PDF] 4.4M
Imrich, Wilfried Tree like Structures [PDF] 32K
Klemm, Konstantin Data Storage by Individuals: The Structure of Directory Trees [PDF] 2.2M
Witwer, Christina Jigsaw puzzle - about RNA structure alignment including pseudoknots [PDF] 151K
Reichardt, Jörg Oh Pott, Oh Pott [PDF] 3.2M
Langhammer, Uli The Relay Series - A Model for Artificial RNA Evolution [PDF] 948K
Erb, Ionas An Information-theoretic Approach to Fitness Landscapes [PDF] 78K
Attolini, Camille Evolution towards the Hypercycle: A spacial Model of Molecular Evolution [PDF] 693K
Missal, Kristin A journey through regulatory features of UTRs of eukaryotic mRNAs [PDF] 293K
Fritzsch, Guido Jewelbeetles - An Example for Computational Phylogeny [PDF] 4.3M
Fried, Claudia The Mystery of Hox Cluster Evolution [PDF] 744K
Orth, Sandra mRNA Expression Profiling with Affymetrix GeneChips [PDF] 5.6M

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