List of Talks TBI Winterseminar 2005 in Bled

(Talks are restricted to 30-45 minutes. The language of talks is english)

Person Title Slides Size
Benkö, Gil Oranization Theory applied to Chemical Reaction Networks [PDF] 187K
Bernhart, Stephan About RNAcofold and it's variants. [PDF] 999K
Drasdo, Dirk Individual cell-based models of the spatio-temporal organisation
of multicellular systems
upon request --
Endler, Lukas Mathematical Analysis of Cyclic Gene Regulatory Networks. [PDF] 663K
Flamm, Christoph Loos Ends, Remarks, Footnotes, ... [PDF] 391K
Fried, Claudia Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the genome [PDF] 462K
Hofacker, Ivo Folding Dynamics of RNA Secondary Structures [PDF] 389K
Imrich, Wilfried Prime Factor Theorem for a Generalized Strong Product. [PDF] 101K
Klemm, Konstantin From Las Vegas to Monte Carlo and back: Sampling cycles in graphs [PDF] 272K
Kruspe, Matthias A Multiple Alignment Tool in 3D [PDF] 1.4M
Leydold, Josef A note on the Courant-Herrmann-Conjecture for manifolds. Black Board 6m²
Lindemeyer, Manja Evolution of snRNAs. [PDF] 250K
Lindemeyer, Manja Arbeiten zur evolutiven Optimierung des HI-Virus. [PDF] 390K
Missal, Kristin non-coding RNAs in Ciona sp. (part 2A) [PDF] 272K
Mosig, Axel Spicy Barbeque. [PDF] 524K
Mückstein, Ulli In silico Study of miRNA binding-sites. [PDF] 999K
Perco, Paul Genetic Algorithms for Genome Analysis [PDF] 494K
Prohaska, Sonja Click to add title (by AutoContent Wizard) Black Borad 6m²
Rose, Dominic non-coding RNAs in Ciona sp. (part B1) [PDF] 701K
Stadler, Peter Molecular Phylogenies Without Aligned Sequences. [PDF] 733K
Stadler, Bärbel Why relations are topologies. [PDF] 80K
Steigele, Stephan Distinct Sets of Antisense Transcripts with Common Functions [PDF] 1.1M
Stephan, Camille The Amoeba-Flagellat Transformation [PDF] 2.7M
Stocsits, Roman Fantasy, Brain Damage, and My Dreams of Perfectly Simulating Genome Evolution [PDF] 1.1M
Svrcek-Seiler, Andreas Fighting slow electrostatic Approximations. [PDF] 233K
Tanzer, Andrea Micro RNAs: Regulators Regulating Regulators. [PDF] 337K
Washietl, Stefan Tracking down functional RNAs in the human genome. upon request --
Wenzel, Sandro Multicanonical Monte Carlo Simulations [PDF] 181K
Wolfinger, Michael Pin(girl)fold [PDF] 635K

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