List of Talks TBI Winterseminar 2006 in Bled

(Talks are restricted to 30-45 minutes. The language of talks is english)

Person Title Slides Size
Tanzer, Andrea New Stories about ncRNAs [PDF] 353K
Imrich, Wilfried Approximate graph products [PDF] 43K
Leydold, Josef HITRO [PDF] 1.1M
Rose, Dominic Extending the phylogenetic range of systematic surveys
for ncRNA prediction to trypanosomatid species
[PDF] 507K
Geis, Michael Kinwalker: A backtracking approach to RNA folding kinetics [PDF] 449K
Albu, Mihai On the (dis-)similarities of similar things! [PDF] 2.0M
Torarinsson, Elfar Thousands of corresponding human and mouse genomic regions
unalignable in primary sequence contain common RNA structure
[PDF] 6.2M
Mückstein, Ulli Study of Correlation between siRNA efficiency and Secondary
Structure of Target RNA: Part I
[PDF] 129K
Tafer, Hakim Study of Correlation between siRNA efficiency and Secondary
Structure of Target RNA: Part II
[PDF] 236K
Stephan, Bernhart News from Vienna [PDF] 1.3M
Gesell, Tanja A phylogenetic view on RNA structure evolution [PDF] 9M
Pötzsch, Sebastian Visualization of PinFold Simulations [PDF] 1.8M
Kupka, Tomas Graph Laplacians and Approximate Products    
Washietl, Stefan Detecting noncoding RNAs by comparative sequence analysis [PDF] 747K
Menzel, Peter Sneak Preview of Master Thesis [PDF] 279K
Hertel, Jana Hairpins in the Haystack [PDF] 88K
Klemm, Konstantin Maximum bipartite subgraphs and spanning trees [PDF]  
Gorodkin, Jan Curating and evaluating RNA structure assignments [PDF] 610K
Lehmann, Jörg Sneak Preview of Master Thesis topic: Homology Detection via Synteny [PDF] 279K
Wolfinger, Michael Estimation of low-energy refolding paths [PDF] 549K
Will, Sebastian Protein Folding by Robotics [PDF] 6.5M
Busch, Anke SECISDesign - A Method to Design New and Recombinant Selenoproteins [PDF] 2.2M
Flamm, Christoph Algebraic Comparison of Metabolic Networks [PDF] 222K
Stadler, Peter Theory of Combinatorial Chemistry and Chemical Organisations [PDF] 573K
Krinner, Axel Lessons from Trichoplax adhaerens [PDF] 384K
Hofacker, Ivo New Features in the Vienna RNA package [PDF] 150K
Thurner, Caroline Genome Plasticity: a Key to Regulation of Function [PDF] 171K
Backofen, Rolf A Constraint-Based Approach to Structure Prediction for Simplified Protein Models that Outperforms Other Existing Methods. [PDF] 2.4M

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