List of Talks TBI Winterseminar 2007 in Bled

(Talks on red background contain unpublished results and are therefore NOT publicly accessible)

Person Title Slides Size
Hackermüller, Jörg Transcriptom projects, ENCODE, Affymetrix small RNA Maps and more [PDF] 2.5M
Washietl, Stefan Lessons from the ENCODE Pilot Project [PDF] 612K
Gruber, Andreas RNAz for the Masses: The RNAz Web Server [AVI] 74M
Steigele, Stephan Evolving (New) Functionality? [PDF] 3.6M
Findeiß, Sven Trip to the Desert: Drosophila melanogaster & Co [PDF] 569K
Rose, Dominic Computational RN(Az)omics of Drosophilids [PDF] 249K
Hiller, Michael General Influence of mRNA secondary structure on splicing [PDF] 465K
Keller, Stefanie Alternative Splicing: Discovery of Splicing Regulatory Elements [PDF] 1.1M
Stadler, Peter Who Cares? — Graph Products in Theoretical Biology [PDF] 298K
Imrich, Wilfried Approximate Graph Products [PDF] 62K
Klöckl, Werner Local Algorithm for Strong Products [PDF] 73K
Leydold, Josef Largest Eigenvalues of Graphs with given Degree Sequence [Abstract]
Hellmuth, Mark Constrained RNA Folding — New Results [PDF] 666K
Kretzschmar, Antje Transcriptional control of non-coding RNA genes by Stat3 emerges as a major contribution to its oncogenicity [PDF] 889K
Ullmann, Kerstin Establishment of a method for RNA-RNA interaction and miRNA target gene detection [PDF] 964K
Schulz, Christine Functional analysis of non-coding RNAs in tumor cell lines [PDF] 635K
Donath, Alexander In Silico Evolution of Attenuated Parasites in Catalytic Regulatory Networks [PDF] 261K
Liu, Yuanning Research introduction and ideas of cooperation between Austria and China
Gorodkin, Jan Analysis of the porcine transcriptome from 1 million EST sequences [PDF] 531K
Stefan, Seemann Detection of conserved non-coding RNAs in the pig EST data and related mammals [PDF] 616K
Havgaard, Jakob Structural alignment of RNA with the FOLDALIGN algortihm [PDF] 85K
Reiche, Kristin RNAstrand: Reading direction of structured RNAs in multiple sequence alignments [PDF] 1.3M
Stephan, Bernhart RNAalifold, Bits and Pieces [PDF] 1.3M
Obernosterer, Gregor Regulation of Neuronal Plasticity by microRNAs [PDF] 12M
Santana, Clara Evolution of microRNAs: a comprehensive study to trace the microRNA ancient origin [PDF] 701K
Heine, Christian Visualization of Secondary Structures including Pseudoknots [PDF] 1.9M
Tafer, Hakim RNAPlex and seed search with suffix trees [PDF] 244K
Brücker, Jan Predicting DNA-Binding Sites Using Statistical Potentials [PDF] 1.2M
Hertel, Jana Computational identification of snoRNAs with unknown Targets [PDF] 298K
Wolfinger, Michael Wang-Landau Sampling for discrete Biopolymer Models [PDF] 534K
Mann, Martin The Energy Lanscape Library — A Platform for Generic Algorithms [PDF] 538K
Merkle, Daniel & Bernt, Matthias Solving the Perfect Reversal Median Problem with PQ-trees [PDF] 3.7M
Dittrich, Peter On the Evolution of Chemical Reaction Networks [PDF] 5.4M
Busch, Anke INFO-RNA - A Fast Approach to Inverse RNA Folding [PDF] 1.3M
Krinner, Axel Modelling Cell Motion [PDF] 602K
Machne, Rainer Evolution of the Bifurcation Phenotype [PDF] 1.5M
Stefan, Seemann Combined thermodynamic and evolutionary model for RNA secondary structure prediction [PDF] 322K
Gesell, Tanja Simplicity versus Complexity: Examples of Evolution Models and Structure [PDF] 6.0M
Stadler, Bärbel The Vertebrate YRNA Cluster [PDF] 208K
Geis, Michael Kinwalker &mdash Kinetic Backtracking of RNA folding [PDF] 638K
Yusufujiangaili, Dilimulati In search of the RNaseP RNA gene in A. Aeolicus [ODP] 2.3M
Riester, Markus A servey of natural antisense transcripts in the bacteria and archea kingdoms [PDF] 1.2M

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