RNAwolf binaries

RNAwolf sources

RNAwolf has gained a large number of dependencies, not all of which I maintain myself. If you want to study the sources, hackage shows them in a very nice way, just follow the link. To build everything yourself, follow the cabal-install / hackage way.

RNAwolf parameter files

Parameter files trained on certain sets of RNA structures.

Small FR3D only (less than 400 nt)

Tiny FR3D only (less than 200nt)

Tiny FR3D only (less than 200nt, maxloss approach)


MC-Fold-DP binaries

MC-Fold-DP sources


SSPcompare binaries

SSPcompare sources

On compiling

Note: These steps are not required if you only need the binaries, as they are static binaries!

The libraries and programs developed for RNA-folding are changing rather often and make use of new(est) functional programming techniques. You are advised to download the newest versions of all required programs and libraries. Sadly, many Linux distributions are packaging rather old (older than 6 months) versions.

Using cabal-install / hackage

  1. Install the Haskell Platform.
  2. To keep each program self-contained, build the helper application "cabal-dev":

    cabal update
    cabal install cabal-dev
  3. Go to where you typically build your programs:

    cd ~/tmp
  4. The next step assumes you just want to build the programs yourself...
  5. Install all programs:

    cabal-dev install rnawolf
    cabal-dev install mcfolddp
    cabal-dev install sspcompare

Working with the sources

The sources are now completely on /hackage/. Please use the usual way (cabal install) to fetch them. Due to the library split, there are now 4 dependencies that I maintain and 9 that are maintained by someone else.

Mail me "choener-at-tbi-dot-univie-dot-ac-dot-at" if you have questions