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Barriers - Changelog

Version 1.8.x

    • Fix connected component option
    • Update connected component description
    • Fix various mixed usages of signed/unsigned types
    • Replace hash table implementation with one that uses separate chaining with linked lists instead of simple linear probing
    • Refrain from installing since this is only required at compile-time
    • Refactor installation process of Perl 5 scripts and Perl 5 module
    • Fix command line argument parsing
    • Fix potentially running into infinite loops
    • Change data type for minima indices to unsigned long
    • Fix connected component output and help message
    • Add command line parameters to specify rate file names
    • Abort if number of input lines exceeds 2/3 of hash size
    • Re-integrate command line parameter to specify mapped structure output
    • Fix several memory leaks
    • Always print graph and move set options to STDERR unless --quiet option is provided
    • Use Markdown files for ChangeLog and README
    • Add alternative RNA2 graph and move set implementation by Felix Kuehnl (may be removed again in an upcoming version)

Version 1.7.x

    • Disable Shift moves by default
    • Added noLP-rate functionality
    • Added ligand binding functionality
    • Added /scripts/ for post-processing ligand data
    • Allow up to 34 HASHBITS in (default 27)

Version 1.6.x

    • Add functionality to map structures to their corresponding macro states.
    • Allow for writing the output of --mapstruc to a file instead of stderr
    • ...tons of other updates

Version 1.5.x

    • Initial release.