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Barriers - Documentation

Here, we provide all the documentation necessary to install and use the program Barriers.

Installing Barriers

A simple

./configure; make; make install
should do it. However, if you want to change the install directory, you might want to run
./configure --prefix="/my/directory/"

Using Barriers

The barriers program is able to process a variety of different graphs and corresponding movesets. For a detailed description of all options that may be set via commandline parameters, please consult the Barriers Manpage.

Using Barriers with huge memory

Barriers uses a hashtable with predefined size. If you have a huge amount of memory available, you can increase the size of this hash to be able to handle longer sequences. This can be achieved using following configure flag: --with-hash-bits=INT
You further have to run make with the flag CFLAGS+="-mcmodel=large".
The size of the hash-bits variable (called INT above) can be calculated like this: 2^INT * (48+max_sequence_length) = ram_size(in bytes)