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NAME − refold using consensus structure as constraint

SYNOPSIS [−t thresh] file.aln [−−turn length] file.aln file.alifold

DESCRIPTION reads an alignment in CLUSTAL format, and a consensus secondary structure, either in the form of the standard output of "RNAalifold", or in the form of a dot plot as produced by "RNAalifold −p". For each sequence in the alignment it writes the name, sequence, and constraint structure to stdout in a format suitable for piping into "RNAfold −C".

The constraint string is produced by removing from the consensus structure all gaps, as well as all pairs not compatible with the particular sequence. If the structure is read from a dot plot file, only pairs with probability > then some threshold (default 0.9) are used.


−t thresh

use only pairs with p>thresh as constraint. Only applicable when reading consensus structure from a dot plot.

−−turn length

use only pairs closing a hairpin with looplength >length. This option allows for setting minimal loop length of hairpin loops (default: 3)


  RNAalifold test.aln > test.alifold test.aln test.alifold > test.cfold
  RNAfold −C < test.cfold