Teaching at the University of Vienna/Medical University of Vienna


Introduction to Data Analysis in R for Immunologists 860.030 TS
S Widder
Block, 3 ECTS

Machine Learning and Neural Computation 840.042 VU
G Dorffner, S Widder, P Seeboeck
Do.13.30-15.00, 3 ECTS

Fundamentals of Systems Biology 301.696-1 VO
C Flamm, S Widder
Mo.17.15-19.00, 3 ECTS

Outcomes Research 840.073 VU
T Stamm, E Mosor, M Omara, V Ritschl, Y Seidler, S Widder
Do.11.00-13.00, 2 ECTS


Grundlagenpraktikum Systembiologie 300286 SE
Stefanie Widder, Heinz Ekker
Block, 5 ECTS, Registering by email

Current topics in Computational and Systems Biology 300289 SE
Stefanie Widder, Thomas Rattei
Mi. 14.30-16.00, 2 ECTS

Modelling Ecological Systems 300315 VO
Stefanie Widder
Mo. 9.15-10.45, 3 ECTS

Practical Course in Modelling of Ecological Systems 300319 UE
Stefanie Widder
Di. 13.00-15.00, 2 ECTS

Computational Concepts in Biology II 269020 UE
T Rattei, A Aszodi, F Baltazar, D Berry, C Flamm, G Herbold, T Nagele, S Pabinger, W Weckwerth, S Widder
Mi.16.00-18.00 3 ECTS