List of Talks Bled 2002

Person Title Slides
Benkoe, Gil Implementation of a Cheminformatics Library [PDF]
Berger, Franziska Sparse Semicycle Bases in Graphs [PDF]
Bernhart, Stephan Refining Knowledge Based Potentials for Proteins [PDF]
Biyikoglu, Tuerker For Nodal Domains you need a Visa [PDF]
Flamm, Christoph Graph ReWrite ?!@$+* [PDF]
Graovac, Ante Topological Coordinates for Toroidal Structures  
Hoechsmann, Matthias Comparison of RNA Secondary Structures  
Hofacker, Ivo Predicting Consensus Structures for RNA [PDF]
Hordijk, Wim Dynamics, Emergent Computation, and Evolution in Cellular Automata [PDF]
Leydold, Josef Sign Pattern of Graph Eigenvectors and Hyperplane Arrangements [PDF]
Meyer, Carsten Matching and Significance Evaluation of combined Sequence-Structure Motifs in RNA [PDF]
Mueckstein, Ulli A Variation on Algorithms for Pairwise Global Alignments [PDF]
Pisanski, Tomaz Representations of Incidence Geometries  
Schober, Andreas NanoSynTest  
Soellner, Johannes Adaptation of a Naturally Occuring RNA Function for Peptide Selex (Part II)  
Stadler, Baerbel Generalized Topological Spaces in Evolutionary Theory [PDF]
Stadler, Peter Cycles and Bicycles ! [PDF]
Stocsits, Roman Detection of Conserved RNA Secondary Structures: Hepatitis B as an Example [PDF]
Tempelmaier, Brigitte Adaptation of a Naturally Occuring RNA Function for Peptide Selex (Part I) [PDF]
Weixlbaumer, Albert Determining Thermodynamic Parameters for RNA Loop-Loop Interaction [PDF]
Wolfinger, Michael How to Compute the Energy Landscape of Biopolymers [PDF]
(language for talks is english)

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