List of Talks TBI Winterseminar 2010 in Bled

(Talks on red background contain unpublished results or copyrighted material and are therefore NOT publicly accessible)

Person Title Slides Size
Amman, Fabian Small RNA Target Prediction. [PDF] 696K
Arnold, Christian Chromatin Computation. [PDF] 1.3M
Badelt, Stefan Design of artificial RNA triggered RNA-switches. [PDF] 689K
Bartschat, Sebastian SnoBoard: A database for snoRNAs (part 2). [PDF] 1.2M
Bermudez-Santana, Clara Isabel Searching for tRNA motive from Transcriptome sequence data. [PDF] 806K
Beyer, Wolfgang Predicting RNA pseudoknots by modifying RNAplex. [PDF] 204K
Busch, Anke Exon duplication - common or rare?    
Dilimulat, Yusuf rnpB in metagenomes and the analysis of rnpB promoter-terminator. [PDF] 363K
Donath, Alexander Don't believe the RefSeq. [PDF] 574K
Ekker, Heinz Automated Atom Mapping of Biochemical Reactions. [PDF] 941K
Findeiß, Sven What others call transcriptomics. [PDF] 1.2M
Flamm, Christoph Synthetic Biology — a brief overview. [PDF] 1.7M
Gorodkin, Jan Non-coding RNAs in pig and other mammalian genomes.    
Gringmann, Lydia Hypergraphs. [PDF] 825K
Gruber, Andreas Introducing Paperpile. [MOV] 298M
Hellmuth, Marc A general approach for the recognition of approximate graph products. [PDF] 858K
Heyne, Steffen RFam clans. [PDF] 737K
Höner, Christian Semantics and Ambiguity of Stochstic RNA Family Models. [PDF] 85K
Hoffman, Steve The primary transcriptom of H. pylori, a major human pathogen. [PDF] 7M
Jüling, Frank Tertiary interactions in mitochondrial tRNAs.    
Kehr, Stephanie SnoBoard: A Database for snoRNAs (part 1). [PDF] 1.2M
Keller-Schmidt, Stephanie Efficient Likelihood Estimation for 'Growth Models'. [PDF] 368K
Krauß, Veiko Evolution of DNA methylation in metazoans.    
Langenberger, David Detecting new miRNAs from deep sequencing data: A field study in worm. [PDF] 7.4M
Lechner, Marcus Detection of Orthologs. [PDF] 887K
Lehmann, Jörg NIP search and analysis in Metazoans. [PDF] 2.2M
Lorenz, Ronny Coarse-grained RNA folding Dynamics. [PDF] 1.1M
Machne, Rainer Dissection of the Yeast Redox Cycle. [PDF] 58M
Mann, Martin Transition rate sampling in energy landscapes.    
Marz, Manja The 100 days of Marburg. [PDF] 1.3M
Menzel, Peter Sequence reconstruction by Maximum Likelihood. [PDF] 848K
Merkle, Daniel Barrier Trees for Continuous Landscapes.    
Ostermeier, Philipp-Jens Cycle Bases. [PDF] 694K
Otto, Christian Statistical detection of expressed segments on Tiling Arrays. [PDF] 1.4M
Parikesit, Arli Domain Distribution of Transcription Factor. [PDF] 680K
Seemann, Stefan In silico screen for structured RNAs, neuronal RNA co-expression and co-folding. [PDF] 2.6M
Steiner, Lydia An Example for Chromatin Regulation. [PDF] 1.7M
Ullrich, Alexander Analysis of metabolic networks. [PDF] 2.2M
Wintsche, Axel Improved Sequence Motif finding. [PDF] 162K
Wirth, Henry Colors of Gene Expression. [PDF] 1.1M
Zarzer, Clemens Inverse analysis of ODE models from Systems Biology. [PDF] 1.9M

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