Theoretical Biochemistry Group

Institute for Theoretical Chemistry

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The people listed below were once (or are still) part of our Team and have earned their degree in association with our institution.


Fabian Amman, Doctoral Thesis
Regulation of translation
Werner Gradwohl, Master Thesis
RNA Energy L:andscapes and Their Impact on Folding Kinetics
Ronny Lorenz, Doctoral Thesis
RNA Secondary Structure Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Dominik Lunzer, Master Thesis
SHAPE directed RNA folding


Christian Höner zu Siederdissen, Doctoral Thesis
Grammatical Approaches to Problems in RNA Bioinformatics
Thesis, Talk, Bibliothek
Marcus Seibold, Doctoral Thesis
Experimentelle und theoretische Untersuchungen an Penicillium brevicompactum Dierckx
Talk, Bibliothek
Bernhard Thiel, Master Thesis
Enzyme Mechanisms as Synthesis Planning Problem
Thesis, Talk


Lukas Endler, Doctoral Thesis
Dynamical Models of Biological Networks
Thesis, Talk, Bibliothek
Jannika Herrklotz, Master Thesis
Analysis of the vibrational spectra of L-lysine and L-arginine
Kirsten Knappe, Doctoral Thesis
In Silico Analysis of Mutations on the HERG Potassium Channel
Chonticha Suwattanasophon, Doctoral Thesis
Molecular Modeling of Voltage-Gated Calzium Channels
Dilmurat Yusuf, Doctoral Thesis
Computational Methods to Predict RNase P RNA Genes
Eva-Maria Zangerl, Master Thesis
Influence of aromatic side chain assignment on the stability of ion channel homology models


Stefan Badelt, Master Thesis
RNA folding kinetics including pseudoknots
Florian Eggenhofer, Master Thesis
RNApredator: A web-based tool to predict small RNA targets
Thesis, Bibilothek
Jörg Fallmann, Master Thesis
Investigation and predicition of interactions between AU-rich binding proteins and AU rich elements and the generation of the "AREsite" webserver
Thesis, Bibliothek
Hakim Tafer, Doctoral Thesis
In silicio modelling of RNA-RNA dimer and its application for rational siRNA design and ncRNA target search


Wolfgang Beyer, Master Thesis
RNA Secondary Structure Prediction including Pseudoknots
Thesis, Bibliothek
Daniel Högerl, Master Thesis
Simulation of prebiotic chemistries
Heinz Ekker, Master Thesis
Automatic Extraction of Graph Rewrite Rules from Biochemical Reactions
Andreas Gruber, Doctoral Thesis
Strategies for computational noncoding RNA detection
Ulrich Omasits, Doctoral Thesis
Bioinformatic and Mass Spectrometric Analysis oft he Cell Surface Proteome
Michael Plank, Master Thesis
Identification of candidate genes affecting stem cell proliferation by shRNA screening and caloric restriction by meta-analysis


Katharina Maria Ostermann, Master Thesis
Binding studies on estrogen receptor alpha
Walter Snor, Doctoral Thesis
Molecular modelling on cyclodextrin inclusion complexes


Alexander Ullrich, Master Thesis
Evolution of Metabolism in a Graph-Based Toy-Universe


Stephan Bernhart, Doctoral Thesis
Variations on RNA folding - Locally stable structures and RNA hybridization
Thesis, Talk