Program Schedule for the 30th TBI Winterseminar in Bled, Slovenia

Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015
Session 1 - (20:00-21:00)
Welcome Reception and Introduction
Dominik Steininger TBI Wien 3D printing
Lukas Bartonek TBI Wien 3D printing 45min pdf video

Monday, Feb. 16, 2015
Session 1 - (16:00-18:00) - Chair: Martin Mann
Cheminformatics I
Lukas Bartonek TBI Wien Machine Readable Synthesis Plans 15min pdf
Bernhard Thiel TBI Wien Working with Chemical Reaction Rules 15min pdf
Uffe Thorsen SDU Odense Decomposition of chemical reactions 30min pdf
Jonas Nyrup SDU Odense Carbon tracing in chemical reaction networks 30min pdf
Session 2 - (20:00-22:00) - Chair: Stephan Bernhart
Cheminformatics I (continued)
Jakob Lykke Andersen SDU Odense Modelling of Stereoisomerism for Generative Chemistries 30min pdf
Victor Carmelo RTH Copenhagen Transcriptomics with total RNAseq 15min
Nelly Fernanda Mostajo Berrospi FSU Jena ncRNAs and Ebola 10min pdf
Emanuel Barth FSU Jena Introduction to Aging Analysis 10min pdf
Bertram Vogel FSU Jena Transcriptobolomics 10min pdf
Konstantin Riege FSU Jena basal fungal ncRNAs and gene expression analysis 15min pdf

Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015
Workshops 1
3D Printing (11:00-15:00, Villa)
Lukas Bartonek TBI Wien
Dominik Steininger TBI Wien
Session 1 - (16:00-18:00) - Chair: Daniel Merkle, Ronny Lorenz
Cheminformatics II
Alexei Mihalchuk SDU Odense DNA-Templated Computing
Bjarke Niemann Hansen SDU Odense DNA-Templated Computing 45min pdf
RNA Structure and Interactions
Peter Kerpedjiev TBI Wien Super Simple Software for Showing Secondary Structure 20min HTML
Roman Ochsenreiter TBI Wien Interplay of SHAPE - Reactivity and structure 15min pdf
Session 2 - (20:00-22:00) - Chair: Ronny Lorenz
RNA Structure and Interactions (continued)
Stefan Hammer TBI Wien Riboswitches - Design and Modelling 15min pdf
Stefan Badelt TBI Wien RNA ligand interactions and cotranscriptional folding 30min
Alexander Junge RTH Copenhagen STRING 'n' RNAs 15min pdf
Joerg Fallmann TBI Wien TTP and HuR in AMD 15min pdf

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015
Workshops 2
RNA Bioinformatics in Galaxy (11:00-14:00, Hotel Astoria)
Bjoern Gruening Uni Freiburg
RNA Bioinformatics E-Learning : status and perspectives (14:00-16:00, Hotel Astoria, Lobby)
Martin Mann Uni Freiburg
Session 1 - (16:00-18:00) - Chair: Sebastian Will
Graph Theory
Tomaz Pisanski Univ. Ljubljana The mathematics of certain polyhedral self-assemblies 30min pdf
Roman Jerala National Institute
of Chemistry Slovenia/
Univ. Lubljana
Design of topological proteins based on
concatenated coiled - coil modules
30min pdf
Marc Hellmuth Uni Saarbruecken Why should we care about cograph heuristics?
Phylogenomics with paralogs
30min pdf
Session 2 - (20:00-22:00) - Chair: Sebastian Will, Joerg Fallmann
Graph Theory (continued)
Adrian Fritz Uni Saarbruecken Heuristic for Cograph Editing 30min pdf
Nicolas Wieseke PaCoSy Leipzig Yet another heuristic for cograph editing 15min pdf
RNA/RNA/Protein/Gene Interactions and Networks
Rebecca Kirsch RTH Copenhagen Comparison of Non-Coding RNAs in Drosophila and Human 15min pdf
Marcus Lechner Uni Marburg 6S RNA - A RNA template for the DNA polymerase 30min pdf
Clemens Thölken Uni Marburg Impacts of 6S RNA translation 15min pdf

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015
Workshops 3
Vienna NGS (11:00-14:00, Hotel Astoria)
Michael Wolfinger TBI Vienna
Session 1 - (16:00-18:00) - Chair: Frank Juehling
Bioinf and small RNAs
Björn Grüning Uni Freiburg The RNA Bioinformatic Center 15min html
Martin Mann Uni Freiburg RNA Bioinformatics E-Learning : status and perspectives 15min pdf
Oana Palasca RTH Copenhagen SiRNA off-target prediction using a simplified energy model 15min
Ferhat Alkan RTH Copenhagen siRNA Off-Target Analyses with Accessibility Profiles 15min
Michael Gaspar FSU Jena Accessing key players, functional genes and pathways in
aqueous habitats using metagenomics and -transcriptomics
10min pdf
Session 2 - (20:00-22:00) - Chair: Fabian Amman
Aligning and finding RNAs
Daniel Sundfeld RTH Copenhagen Parallel Foldalign 15min pdf
Florian Eggenhofer TBI Wien RNAlien revisited 15min pdf
Sarah Berkemer Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig something about sRNA in archaea 30min pdf
Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Algebraic Dynamic Programming over General Data Structures 30min pdf
Martin Hölzer FSU Jena Fight against Ebola - in silico 15min pdf

Friday, Feb. 20, 2015
Special 30th anniversary program (start: 15:00) - Chair: Andrea Tanzer
Peter Schuster TBI Wien The Landscape Paradigm in Evolution.
History, State of the Art, and Perspectives
60min pdf
Steve Hoffmann Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Phialialali 15min pdf
Darko Stefanovic Univ. of New Mexico DNAzyme Computing for Biodetection 20min pdf
Christoph Flamm TBI Wien Categories for Pedestrians 30min pdf
The Evolution of The TBI Winterseminar
Rolf Backofen Uni Freiburg
Ivo Hofacker TBI Wien
Manja Marz FSU Jena
Peter Stadler Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Pictures From the Past 60min
Christoph Flamm TBI Wien 30min

Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015
Session 1 - (16:00-19:00) - Chair: Sarah Berkemer
Bernhart Stephan Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Being unable to pause causes cancer 15min
Helene Kretzmer Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig something about DNA methylation 15min
Alex Platzer TBI Wien Big Biological Data (Analyses) 30min pdf
João Victor de Araujo Oliveira Universidade de Brasília Identification of snoRNAs using Machine Learning.
Improving the snoReport
15min pdf
Marwa Al Arab Bioinformatik Uni Leipzig Mitochondrial genes prediction 15min pdf