Stefan Badelt
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry
University of Vienna
Währingerstrasse 17/3/307
1090 Vienna, Austria <gpg-key.asc>

I am a postdoc in Ivo L. Hofacker's Theoretical Biochemistry Group (tbi) at the University of Vienna. My research activities include a software project to simulate cotranscriptional folding of large RNA molecules, the development of a foundational, coarse-grained, biophysical model for kinetic folding of multistranded nucleic acid systems, and a sequence design software for multistranded nucleic acid systems that integrates thermodynamic optimization with optimization of selected kinetic parameters. Before my present appointment, I studied Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna with focus on computational RNA design (using both thermodynamic and kinetic models of RNA folding), and I worked as a postdoc in Erik Winfree's DNA and Natural Algorithms Group, Caltech to develop a compiler framework that unifies the design of complex nucleic acid "strand displacement" systems and formal verification. Feel free to download my CV for more details.
June, 2020

Nucleic acids

Chemical reaction networks (CRNs)

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