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Important Notes

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic this meeting will take place as an online conference!


Monday, 14 Feb 2022 - Tuesday, 15 Feb 2022


"Computational Biology, Computational Mathematics, Theoretical Biology, Bioinformatics, Biological Networks"

Registration Fee

0,- € (double room) / 0,- € (single room)

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Session 1 14 Feb 20223pmZoom
Session Chair: Michael Wolfinger
Slides Speaker Talk Title
Ronny Lorenz?Welcome and opening of the TBI Winterseminar.
Alexander HenochGenotype-based classification of Influenza A Virus to unravel reassortment candidates and pandemic history.
Christian HönerThe beginning of a nanopore ... and the end of a flow cytometry story.
Bertrand MarchandTree-diet: Simplifying a tree-decomposition to decrease its width.
Session 2 14 Feb 20225pmZoom
Session Chair: Ivo Hofacker
Slides Speaker Talk Title
Jan GorodkinCRISPR/Cas9 design: analysis and mechanism.
Stefan SeemannEvolution of RNA structures in vertebrates.
Stefan BadeltCotranscriptional Folding.
Session 3 15 Feb 20223pmZoom
Session Chair: Stefan Badelt
Slides Speaker Talk Title
Hua-Ting YaoInfrared: RNA design and beyond.
Thomas GatterLow Coverage Hybrid Genome Assembly.
David SchallerGene Family Histories.
Session 4 15 Feb 20215pmZoom
Session Chair: Christoph Flamm
Slides Speaker Talk Title
Christophe LaurentCharacterizing Catalytic Mechanisms with Overlay Graphs.
Stefan Müller & Peter StadlerWhat makes a reaction network Chemical?
Ivo HofackerWrap-up and Good Bye.