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Sunday, 10 Feb 2013 - Sunday, 17 Feb 2013


"Computational Biology, Computational Mathematics, Theoretical Biology, Bioinformatics, Biological Networks"

Registration Fee

250,- €

Available AV equipment

black board, overhead projector, beamer, laptop (linux) network, internet access via Wlan



Villa Plemelj
Prešernova 39
4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 5743 023
GPS Coordinates: 46.371121,14.108504
Hotel Jelovica
Cesta Svobode 8
SI4260 Bled, Slowenia
Phone: +386-4-5796-000
GPS Coordinates: 46.371125,14.106592

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How to get there
From Ljubljana airport you have the following options to get to the Winterseminar:
  • take a regular taxi (approx. 50 €)
  • public bus transfer, first to Ljubljana city and from there to Bled
  • Airport Shuttle ZUP prevozi (recommended, special rates for groups)
If you arrive via train at Lesce-Bled, you can take a taxi or go by bus to the main bus station (search for connections from Lesce to Bled)


Find the Program schedule here.


Registered Participants

Name (headcount: 85) Email Affiliation
FlorianEggenhoferegg (at) Wien
PeterKerpedjievpkerp (at) Wien
MichaelWolfingermichael.wolfinger (at) Wien
RisteSkrekovskiskrekovski (at) gmail.comUniversity of Ljubljana
ChristianHoener zu Siederdissenchoener (at) Wien
Yu-TingHsiaoyuting (at) Wien
LorenaRivarolalorena.rivarola (at) ufz.deUFZ Leipzig
JanGorodkingorodkin (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
MarcelKucharikmarcel (at) Wien
SitaLangesita (at) informatik.uni-freiburg.deUni Freiburg
RolfBackofenbackofen (at) informatik.uni-freiburg.deUni Freiburg
DragosSorescusorescud (at) informatik.uni-freiburg.deUni Freiburg
StefanBadeltstef (at) Wien
SonjaPetkovicsonja.petkovic (at) uni-greifswald.deUniversität Greifswald
CorinnaTheiscorinna (at) genome.ku.dkRTH Copenhagen
PeterStadlerstudla (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
BärbelStadlerstudla (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
EliasStadlerstudla (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deFamilie Stadler
ChristianOttochristian (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
RonnyLorenzronny (at) Wien
KristinReichekristin.reiche (at) ufz.deUFZ Leipzig
ChristophFlammxtof (at) Wien
PatrickWrightwrightp (at) informatik.uni-freiburg.deUni Freiburg
BernhardThielthiel (at) Wien (at) izi.fraunhofer.deFraunhofer IZI Leipzig
AbdullahSahyounabdullah (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
MartinMannmmann (at) informatik.uni-freiburg.deUni Freiburg
PhilippPetersphpeters (at) imada.sdu.dkSDU Odense
SebastianWillwill (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
KonstantinRiegekonstantin.riege (at) uni-jena.deFSU Jena
FabianAmmanfabian (at) Wien
HeleneKretzmerhelene.kretzmer (at) googlemail.comBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
RubyMoritzrmoritz (at) informatik.uni-leipzig.dePacosy Uni Leipzig
MatthiasBerntbernt (at) informatik.uni-leipzig.deUni Leipzig (Parallel Computing and Complex Systems)
Jakob LykkeAndersenjlandersen (at) imada.sdu.dkSDU Odense
StefanHammers.hammer (at) Wien
DanielMerkledaniel (at) imada.sdu.dkSDU Odense
JingQinqin (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deMPI MIS Leipzig
XuanshiLiuliu (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
FrankJühlingfrank (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
TinaMüllerfrank (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deUni Marburg
StefanoBertostefano (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
Jakob HullHavgaardhull (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
NicolasWiesekewieseke (at) informatik.uni-leipzig.dePacosy Uni Leipzig
LydiaSteinerlydia (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
JoergFallmannfall (at) Wien
Philipp-JensOstermeieroster (at) mis.mpg.deMPI MIS Leipzig
SteveHoffmannsteve (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deIZBI/LIFE Leipzig
MaribelHernandez-Rosalesmaribel (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
LydiaOstermeierglydia (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
IvoHofackerivo (at) Wien
UffeThorsenuthor06 (at) student.sdu.dkSDU Odense
AnneNitscheanne (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
AnneWenzelwenzel (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
SachinPundhirsachin (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
SabarinathanRadhakrishnansabari (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
SvenFindeisssven (at) Wien
NikolaiHeckernikolaihecker (at) gmx.deRTH Copenhagen
JensSteucksteuck (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
YukiKatoykato (at) is.naist.jpRTH Copenhagen
UnyaneeKatounyanee (at) gmail.comRTH Copenhagen
ChristianAnthonanthon (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
LeydoldJosefjosef.leydold (at) Wien
MarkusFrickemarkus.fricke2 (at) uni-jena.deFSU Jena
KatjaNowicknowick (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
PetraPregelpregel (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
StefanieWehnerstefanie.wehner (at) uni-jena.deFSU Jena
MarcHellmuthmhellmuth (at) bioinf.uni-sb.deSaarland University
PaulaBöhlermhellmuth (at) bioinf.uni-sb.deSaarland University
Aashiq HussainMirzaahmi (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
SimranjeetKaurkaur (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
StefanSeemannseemann (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
HuiXiaohui (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
GeroDoosegero (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deIZBI/LIFE Leipzig
YannPontyyann.ponty (at) lix.polytechnique.frCNRS/Ecole Polytechnique
HenrikeIndrischekh.indrischek (at) web.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
ChristianGardegarde (at) cbs.dtu.dkRTH Copenhagen
AndreaTanzerat (at) Wien
AndrewTordatorda (at) zbh.uni-hamburg.deUniversity of Hamburg (at) gmail.comBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
RebeccaKirschrebecca_kirsch (at) gmx.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
RobertZimmermannrobert.zimmermann (at) Wien
MatjazKovsematjaz.kovse (at) gmail.comBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
MichaelHechtMichael.Hecht (at) math.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
VesnaAndovavesna.andova (at) gmail.comUniversity of Ljubljana