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Sunday, 16 Feb 2014 - Sunday, 23 Feb 2014


"Computational Biology, Computational Mathematics, Theoretical Biology, Bioinformatics, Biological Networks"

Registration Fee

270,- € (double room) / 370,- € (single room)

Available AV equipment

black board, overhead projector, beamer, laptop (linux) network, internet access via Wlan



Villa Plemelj
Prešernova 39
4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 5743 023
GPS Coordinates: 46.371121,14.108504
Hotel Astoria
Prešernova 44
4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 579 44 00
Fax:     +386 4 579 44 01

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How to get there
From Ljubljana airport you have the following options to get to the Winterseminar:
  • take a regular taxi (approx. 50 €)
  • public bus transfer, first to Ljubljana city and from there to Bled
  • Airport Shuttle ZUP prevozi (recommended, special rates for groups)
If you arrive via train at Lesce-Bled, you can take a taxi or go by bus to the main bus station (search for connections from Lesce to Bled)


Find the Program schedule here.


Registered Participants

Name (headcount: 83) Email Affiliation
AndreaTanzerat (at) Wien
FabianAmmanafabian (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
Stefan Hammers.hammer (at) Wien
DanielAmseldaniel.amsel (at) gmx.deTBI Wien
MarcelKucharikmarcel (at) Wien
Peter FStadlerstudla (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
BaerbelStadlerbaer (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deMPI MIS Leipzig
MichaelWolfingermichael.wolfinger (at) Wien
ChristophFlammxtof (at) Wien
StefanBadeltstef (at) Wien
ChristianHöner zu Siederdissenchoener (at) Wien
JanGorodkinGorodkin (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
RebeccaKirschrebecca (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
HenrikeIndrischekhenrike (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
PhilippPeterscontact (at) phpeters.euUhuniversität Nordsorbistan
Jakob LykkeAndersenjlandersen (at) imada.sdu.dkSDU Odense
SebastianWillwill (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
DanielMerkledaniel (at) imada.sdu.dkSDU Odense
MagnusFindmagnusgf (at) imada.sdu.dkSDU Odense
DanielJohansendajoh09 (at) student.sdu.dkSDU Odense
CarstenGrønbjerg Lützencalut09 (at) student.sdu.dkSDU Odense
FrankJühlingfrank (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deIZBI/LIFE Leipzig
TinaMüllerTina.mueller (at) uni-leipzig.deUni Leipzig
XiaoyongPanpanxy (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
MarcHellmuthmarc.hellmuth (at) bioinf.uni-sb.deUniversity Saarbrücken
VictorCarmelovictor (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
RomanOchsenreiterromanoch (at) Wien
UffeThorsenuthor06 (at) student.sdu.dkSDU Odense
XuanshiLiuxuanshi.liu (at) medizin.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
DanielGerighausendaniel (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
CorinnaTheiscorinna (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
SarahBerkemerbsarah (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
AbdullahSahyounabdullah (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
MichaelKieningmichael (at) kiening-online.deTUM
KonstantinKlemmklemm (at) Wien
StephanBernhartberni (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
MarkusFrickemarkus.fricke2 (at) uni-jena.deFSU Jena
KonstantinRiegekonstantin.riege (at) uni-jena.deFSU Jena
MichaelHechtmichael (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig (at) izi.fraunhofer.deIZI (at) izi.fraunhofer.deIZI
WitoldJanuszewskiwitold.januszewski (at) biologie.uni-freiburg.deALU Freiburg
NicolasWieseke wieseke (at) informatik.uni-leipzig.dePacosy Uni Leipzig
DominikLuntzerdominik.luntzer (at) gmx.atTBI Wien
PedroFeijaopfeijao (at) cebitec.uni-bielefeld.deBielefeld University
MartinHölzerMartin.Hoelzer (at) uni-jena.deFSU Jena
Lorena Duartelorena (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
RonnyLorenzronny (at) Uni Leipzig
IvoHofackerivo (at) Wien
CraigZirbelzirbel (at) bgsu.eduTBI Wien
MarcusLechnerlechner (at) staff.uni-marburg.deUni Marburg
Stefanie Wehnerstefanie.wehner (at) uni-jena.deFSU Jena
NikolaiHeckerhecker (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
Aashiq Mirzamirza (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
RubyMoritzruby.moritz (at) informatik.uni-leipzig.dePaCoSy Leipzig
MaribelHernandezmaribel (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
SteveHoffmannsteve (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
JoergFallmannfall (at) Wien
FlorianEggenhoferegg (at) Wien
Hans-JörgHellingerhans-joerg.hellinger (at) of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science
LydiaSteinerlydia (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
PeterKerpedjievpkerp (at) Wien
SørenMørksoer (at) rth.dkRTH Copenhagen
FabrizioCostacosta (at) informatik.uni-freiburg.deUni Freiburg
BjörnGrüningbjoern.gruening (at) gmail.comUni Freiburg
PavankumarVidemvidemp (at) informatik.uni-freiburg.deUni Freiburg
HeleneKretzmerhelene.kretzmer (at) googlemail.comBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
JingQinqin (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deSDU Odense
KatjaNowicknowick (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
RobertZimmermannrobert.zimmermann (at) Wien
KellySimikcrsimi (at) gmail.comBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
IsabelSousaisagarsousa (at) gmail.comBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
GuilhermeTellesgpt (at) ic.unicamp.brUni Campinas, Brazil
MirianFreitasgpt (at) ic.unicamp.brUni Campinas, Brazil
MiguelTellesgpt (at) ic.unicamp.brUni Campinas, Brazil
Maria BeatrizCostabia (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
Maria LuizaCostabia (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deUniversity of Brasilia, Brazil
DennisDienstdennis.dienst (at) gmx.deHHU Düsseldorf - Synthetische Biologie
NancyRetzlaffnancy (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
StephanieKehrsteffi (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
JensSteuckjens (at) bioinf.uni-leipzig.deBioinformatik Uni Leipzig
RolfBackofenbackofen (at) informatik.uni-freiburg.deUni Freiburg
IreneFernández Casasirenefernandezcasas (at) gmail.comUniversidad Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla)