List of Talks TBI Winterseminar 2009 in Bled

(Talks on red background contain unpublished results or copyrighted material and are therefore NOT publicly accessible)

Person Title Slides Size
Prohaska, Sonja The Chromatin Story. [PDF] 398K
Höner, Christian Notes on RNA Folding Recurrences. [PDF] 78K
Lorenz, Ronny Finding Non-direct RNA refolding paths (in silico). [PDF] 813K
Fasold, Mario Models in Microarray Data Analysis: Sequence Effects and RNA Degradation. [PDF] 4.5M
Wintsche, Axel RNA Protein Interaction. [PDF] 1.7M
Giegerich, Robert Classified Dynamic Programming and Variants. [PDF] 309K
Boldhaus, Gunnar Cell cycle networks and their neutral mutants. [PDF] 1.8M
Riester, Markus FRANz: Reconstruction of wild multi-generation pedigrees. [PDF] 1.3M
Keller-Schmidt, Stefanie Statistics of phylogenetic tree structures. [PDF] 1.1M
Richter, Andreas Prediction of small RNA targets incorporating seed regions and target site accessibility. [PDF] 2.6M
Stadler, Peter Evolution under Delayed Selection Pressures. [PDF] 575K
Klemm, Konstantin Timing and stability of cellular automata. [PDF] 701K
Dilimulat, Yusuf Bcheck intro demo. [PDF] 722K
Kehr, Stephanie Target prediction for box H/ACA snoRNAs. [PDF] 247K
Möhl, Mathias   [PDF] 661K
Wirth, Henry Metabolomics: Introduction to statistical analysis and visualisation. [PDF] 1.1MK
Krauss, Veiko Occururence and Distribution of Methylated Cytosine in Insects. [PDF] 3.7M
Hoffmann, Steve Segemehl: A mapping Tool for HTS reads. [PDF] 1.1M
Gesell, Tanja Presentation of the Santa Fe Summer School 2008 Project. [DVIX] 34M
Horvat, Boris Dilation coefficients of complete graphs. [PDF] 384K
Orbanic, Alen Present the 1st Volume of Ars Mathematica Contemporanea.
Leydold, Josef Geometric nodal domains and trees with minimal algebraic connectivity. [PDF] 208K
Ostermeier, Jens-Phillip Robust cycle bases. [PDF] 133K
Lu, James Inverse methods in Systems Biology. [PDF] 1.1M
Leydold, Josef Random variate generation and testing in interactive environments. [PDF] 432K
Rolf et al. Presentation of the "Villa Plemelj Experiment". [PDF] 5.7M
Langenberger, David Into the Deep: microRNA Detection using Next-Generation Sequencing Data. [PDF] 1.7M
Tanzer, Andrea MicroRNA innovations and the origin of novel cell types. [PDF] 1.3M
Otto, Christian Reduction of search space for sequence and structure alignments. [PDF] 239K
Menzel, Peter Maximum Likelihood Estimation for RNA homology search. [PDF] 1.7M
Lozada, Irma The evolution of gene regulatory networks. [PPT] 15M
Heyne, Steffen Local RNA Motifs. [PDF] 4.1M
Zimmermann, Bob Artifacts of RNA Sequences Under SELEX Selection Constraints. [PDF] 3.3M
Washietl, Stefan Literature management with Perl and Emacs. [PDF] 1.7M
Flamm, Christoph RNA kinetics on varying energy landscapes. [PDF] 359K
Findeiß, Sven Yellow Sticks listens to Jazz. [PDF] 2.5M
Marz, Manja ComposeAlign: Bioinformatics goes MultiMedia. [PDF] 590K
Sauer, Sebastian Quantum chemical goodies and badies. [PDF] 821K
Gruber, Andreas sbRNAs: To be or not to be a Y RNA. [PDF] 1.3M
Rose, Dominic Conserved Introns Reveal Novel Transcripts in Drosophila melanogas. [PDF] 2.0M

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