List of Talks TBI Winterseminar 2010 in Bled

(Talks on red background contain unpublished results or copyrighted material and are therefore NOT publicly accessible)

Person Title Slides Size
Alkhnbashi, Omer Analysis of CRISPR-Repeat Structure. [PDF] 4M
Andersen, Jakob Computational Methods for Graph Grammar Analysis. [PDF] 333K
Anthon, Christian RNAnnotator - ncRNA annotation of the pig genome. [PDF] 721K
Badelt, Stefan Energy barriers in a pseudoknot conformation space. [PDF] 1.1M
Costa, Fabrizio Beyond base pair probabilities and single nucleotide accessibility: The way of graph kernels. [PDF] 1.6M
Croft, Larry miRNA and transcription factor networks. [PDF] 1.9M
Eggenhofer, Florian A sRNA target prediction Webserver. [ODP] 2.5M
Erb, Ionas Improved promoter alignments using pro-Coffee. [PDF] 903K
Fallmann, Jörg AREsite proceedings. [PDF] 655K
Fasold, Mario Learning about RNA Degradation (from Microarray Data). [PDF] 2.0M
Ghanbarnejad, Fakhteh Predicting Nodes' Influence in Boolean Networks. [PDF] 971K
Hellmuth, Marc A Formal Definition of Orthology Using the Relation θ. [PDF] 344K
Hernandez Rosales, Maribel Generation of Gene family Histories. [PDF] 114K
Hertel, Jana The let-7 micro RNA Family: Deuterostome Evolution from Acon worm to Human. [PDF] 114K
Höner, Christian A Folding Algorithm for Extended RNA Secondary Structures. [PDF] 555K
Hopp, Lydia Gene expression in artificial genomes after perturbations: gene insertion and knock-out. [PDF] 1.4M
Imrich, Wilfried Product Graphs and Large Networks. [PDF] 4.8M
Jühling, Frank A systematic overview of metazoan mitochondrial tRNAs. [PDF] 6.4M
Keller-Schmidt, Stephanie Simulation of Co-phylogenies using the Age Model. [PDF] 1.3M
Klavžar, Sandi Convex Excess and Inequalities for Partial Cubes. [PDF] 368K
Kleinkauf, Robert Ligand-dependent Aptamere Design. [PDF] 315K
Lange, Sita Are plant microRNAs really so somple? [PDF] 1.1M
Langenberger, David DARIO (A Web-service for deep sequencing data) [PDF] 2.3M
Lechner, Marcus Fragment based detection of ncRNAs. [PDF] 849K
Lorenz, Ronny Update on the status of ViennaRNA v2.0. [PDF]
Mann, Martin Does it smell? Aromaticity Prediction in Molecule Graphs. [PDF] 1.7M
Marz, Manja Friends. [PDF] 2.7M
Ostermeier, Lydia Twisted Cartesian Products. [PDF] 692K
Otto, Christian Mapping of bisulfite sequencing data. [PDF] 1.4M
Parikesit, Arli Quantitative Measurement of Genome-wide Protein Domain Co-occurence of Transcription Factors. [PDF] 254K
Pundhir, Sachin Identification and Classification of ncRNAs using Deep Sequencing data. [PDF] 850K
Radhakrishnan, Sabarinathan Finding locally disrupted RNA structure from SNPs. [PDF] 1.2M
Rose, Dominic Long non-coding RNAs. [PDF] 4.1M
Seemann, Stefan Structured RNAs are everywhere in the mouse brain. [PDF] 820K
Siebauer, Michael Proceedings of Locarna-Scan. [PDF] 4.0M
Stadler, Peter Folding with Fancy Constraints Secondary Structures from Probing Data. [PDF] 1.2M
Steiner, Lydia Identify Homologous Words. [PDF] 240K
Thomma, Anton Metagenomics and Ancient DNA: Özi's Ancient DNA Metagenome Study. [PDF] 2.8M
Tippmann, Sylvia The contribution of transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation to steady-state mRNA levels. [PDF] 16M
Ullrich, Alexander Robustness and Modularity in Metabolic Networks. [PDF] 1.3M
Vierna, Joaquíne Evolutionary analysis of 5S ribosomal DNA in metazoans. [PDF] 3.2M
Wehner, Stefanie Bacteria-wide detection of 6S RNAs. [PDF] 1.2M
Widder, Stefanie Feed-forward loops: Linking Function, Plasticity, Evolvability and Abundance.. [PDF] 16M
Wieseke, Nicolas A new event framework for Co-evolution. [PDF] 5.1M

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