List of Talks TBI Winterseminar 2012 in Bled

(Talks on red background contain unpublished results or copyrighted material and are therefore NOT publicly accessible)

Person Title Slides Size
Amman, Fabian Translation initiation modelling and its application in sRNA target prediction. [PDF] 1.5M
Andersen, Jakob L MedØlDatschgerl and Beyond. [PDF] 1.2M
Backofen, Rolf Bioinformatic analysis of Crispr elements. [PDF] 6.0M
Badelt, Stefan Conformational design of self-organizing ribozymes. [PDF] 2.3M
Behrens, Sebastian Small RNAs in Listeria. [PDF] 1.3M
Costa, Fabrizio Extracting Sense from Structure: an application to functional non-coding RNA polymers. [PDF] 22M
Duarte, Lorana R Impact of Global Change on Ancient Environments: What can we achieve with a Genomics-Transcriptomics Approach? [PDF] 5.3M
Eggenhofer, Florian CM-compare Webserver. [PDF] 186K
Fallmann, Jörg Who ARE you? In search for novel AUBP targets. [PDF] 280K
Gu, Jiao The spectral analysis on biology networks. [PDF] 4.7M
Heyne, Steffen GraphClust: structural clustering of local RNA secondary structures. [PDF] 1.9M
Höner, Christian Fusion Power [PDF] 283K
Kaur, Simranjeet Sequence analysis of human UTRs. [PDF] 1.7M
Kehr, Stefanie Target conservation of snoRNAs. [PDF] 204K
Kerpedjiev, Peter Approaching RNA 3D modeling. [PDF] 3.0M
Kucharik, Marcel RNA folding kinetics. [PDF] 594K
Lange, Sita Global or local? Predicting secondary structure in mRNAs. [PDF] 981K
Langenberger, David W.W.D.D.: What Would DICER Do? [PDF] 3.8M
Long, Yangjimg Relation between graphs. [PDF] 533K
Lorenz, Ronny In silico RNA folding kinetics using 2DKin. [PDF] 2.2M
Nebel, Markus Enumerating RNA pseudoknot structures. [PDF] 1.7M
Ostermeier, Lydia Square property. [PDF] 370K
Ostermeier, Philipp-Jens Dihypergraphs. [PDF] 326K
Pace, Bruno Axelrod's discrete model for the dissemination of Cultures: from dynamics on a network to its landscape. [PDF] 786K
Parikesit, Arli Evolution and Quantitative Comparison of Genome-Wide Protein Domain Distributions. [PDF] 524K
Peters, Philipp Exploring Chemistry Using Satisfiability Modulo Theories. [PDF] 708K
Pundhir, Sachin Comparative analysis of read processing patterns across 11 RNA-seq datasets. [PDF] 1005K
Radhakrishnan, Sabarinathan Measures to detect the effect of SNPs on RNA secondary structure. [PDF] 4.3M
Reiche, Kristin Molecular signatures of long ncRNAs in breast cancer patients. [PDF] 1.9M
Sayhoun, Abdul Nucleotide frequency distribution in mitochondrial genomes. [PDF] 777K
Schäfer, Alexander Edge Clustering in Human Brain Graphs. [PDF] 2.2M
Seemann, Stefan Sequence and expression analysis of gaps in human chromosome 20 \& RIlogo. [PDF] 1.4M
Stadler, Peter Long non-coding RNAs are well conserved. [PDF] 1.7M
Tanzer, Andrea Insights from within the ENCODE project — The interplay of small and long RNAs. [PDF] 2.0M
Theis, Corina A still unanswered question &mdasch; Can RNA 3D motifs enhence ncRNA prediction? [PDF] 1.1M
Wenzel, Anne & Rudebeck, Anders F RIsearch. [PDF] 262K
Wieseke, Nickolas TBA: The Bingo Adaption. [PDF] 13M
Will, Sebastian Structure-based Whole Genome Realignment Reveals Many Novel Non-coding RNAs. [PDF] 1.1M
Wintsche, Axel Leontis Westhof Notation for RNA-Protein Complexes? [PDF] 297K
Zimmermann, Bob Analysis of high-throughput data from genomic SELEX. [PDF] 9.7M

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